AnishB15's mock offseason 2.0

Hey guys, I'm back to take a post combine look at the free agent and draft situations. I will outline resignings, trades, draft and free agents. So, let us begin. We currently have about $9 million, and we rolled over another $9 million from last year, giving us $18 million in cap space. After trading away Mcdaniel and Bell, we should save another $10 million, giving us $28 million. Long and Dansby should restructure their contracts, bringing the total cap space to $30 million, which is quite a lot.


Phillip Merling,DE: Merling has struggled in a 3-4, but mostly because he was asked to put on weight, losing his mobility. The switch to a 4-3 should be exactly what he needs, especially if he can get down to his college weight. He should give us great depth at the DE position. He will return on a $1.25 million salary.

Lydon Murtha, OT: Murtha was supposed to start at RT before an injury took him out. He should get the chance to compete with Jerry for the starting spot, and should win it. He shouldn't be too expensive though, commanding a salary of $1.5 million.

Ryan Baker, DT/NT: Baker will be a great depth guy, and will be able to play NT when we are in a 3-4 formation. He, of course, won;t be as good as Soliai, but will be good enough and is much cheaper, especially since we will not be in the 3-4 as much. He will get only a $750,000 salary though.

Austin Spitler, LB: Spitler has been good as a depth guy, and that is what he will remain, with a $500,000 salary.

Jeron Mastrud, TE: Mastrud, like Spitler will return either as a camp body, or as a backup, commanding only a $500,000 salary, I doubt he makes the final roster though.

Through resignings, we have spent $4.5 million, leaving us with $25.5 million. I am going to assume we spend the $5.5 million on drafted players, leaving us with a healthy $20 million to enter free agency.

Free Agency:

Matt Flynn, QB: Some of you may not agree with this pick,but I think we should take the risk.The transition will be seamless, and Flynn is still a young guy that has his best years ahead of him. He will reunite with his OC in Miami. He is accurate, has decent arm strength and mobility, is smart and avoids picks. He will come to miami on a 4 year contract, while earning $6 million this year.

Reggie Nelson, FS: Nelson should be able to leave Cincinnati, and Miami is in need of safeties. It also helps that his former DBs coach is the DC here. Coyle should be able to bring him in, and he will be able to generate turnovers, something we were unable to do often this past year. He will command a 3 year contract, earning $6 million this year.

Pierre Garcon, WR: Garcon is a very underrated WR. He will be an outstanding number two, and will easily take advantage of single coverage. He has breakaway speed and runs sharp routes. He does have a case of the dropsies, but that can be cured. He is only 25,and has his best years ahead of him. He is also not just a product of Peyton, considering he put up 70 catches and over 900 yards as the number 2 receiver with guys named Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky throwing to him. He should be even better with a better QB throwing to him.He willget a 5 year contract, earning $4 million this year.

Demetrius Bell, OT: Bell is not exactly the best RT in the world, but is still a huge upgrade from the turnstile (I mean really, anyone not named Wayne Hunter would be an upgrade). He should compete with Lydon Murtha for the starting RT position, while John Jerry will get the RG position. Bell should come cheap, signing for 3 years, earning $2 million this year.

This leaves $2 million left on the cap, which we can either leave for next year, or we can use on smaller depth signings. I would advocate the former though, we should leave something for next year.


Round 1: Trade!

The Dolphins trade the number 8 selection, their 3rd round selection, DE Tony Mcdaniel and S Yeremiah Bell to the Bengals in return for both of their 1st round picks. The Bengals' biggest needs are at safety, D-line and RB. This trade should solve all three for them. They will be in position to draft Trent Richardson for RB, McDaniel will give them a good starter/rotational guy at DE/DT and Bell is more than adequate as a starting safety. The 3rd round pick will be neccessary though, to get the deal done.

Round 1(pick 17): Nick Perry, DE/OLB - Perry is the perfect D-line prospect for us. He is versatile enough to play DE in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4, is great against the run, and is a quick pass rusher. Playing across with Wake, Starks and Odrick will only help him, as they will also take up blockers. With the addition of Perry, this front 7 should be dominant

round 1 (pick 21): Trade!

I'm going to take a page out of KMB's mock draft here, as I believe the Dolphins should trade down with the 49ers, picking up a 2nd in the process. Kendall Wright should be available here, and the 49ers have a huge need at WR. This works out for both teams, ans the 49ers get their WR, while the Dolphins pick up an extra pick.

round 1 (pick 30): Coby Fleener, TE - Fleener is an absolute monster up the seam. He is tall, athletic and has soft hands. He reminds of Jimmy Graham and should be a great weapon for Matt Flynn. Philbin loves his big, athletic TEs, and Fleener fits that mold completely. He isn't an elite blocker, though we have Fasano for those situations.

round 2 - Vontaze Burfict, ILB - Burfict's stock fell out of the 1st round with his poor combine showing, but he is still and monstrous, athletic linebacker. He will play between Burnett and Dansby, and hopefully the veterans will be able to reel him in. If not, he could be a bit of a loose cannon. But this is a risk we should take because,if he works out, he reminds me a lot of Ray Lewis. A front 7 of Dansby-Burfict-Burnett, Perry-Starks-Odrick-Wake should be one of the best in the NFL.

round 2 (pick 30) - Jayron Hosley, CB/PR - With Will Allen leaving, we will need a new nickel corner. WIlson and Carrol will not be enough, and Hosley is the perfect choice. He is instinctive and quick, exactly what you need from a nickel CB. If he adds about 5 pounds, he might even replace Sean Smith as the starter. He is a natural ballhawk and plays very fluidly. You can tell that he plays the CB position very naturally just by seeing him play. He is also a S. Florida native, graduating from the high school I currently attend.

round 4 - Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT - With Mcdaniel and Langford leaving, Baker is the only depth we have at DT (Merling in now a DE). Jean-Baptiste burst on to the scene at the east-west shrine game, completely dominating defenders with his monstrous bull-rush. NJB is raw, but can be developed into a solid rotational player.

round 5 - Rokevious Watkins, OG/OT - With Jerry and Incognito as the starting guards, and Garner and Feinga as backups, we still need some more depth. Watkins is a great run blocker and pulling guard, though he struggles as a pass protector. With development, Watkins can be a solid backup.

round 6 - Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR/PR - Rainey is like a jack-of-all-trades. He is very fast, running a 4.37, and is versatile enough to earn a spot as a backup.Rainey will just be another weapon for Philbin.

round 7 - Brandon Marshall, LB - Good depth guy, and is a very familiar name, lol. Marshall and Marshall should have fun with each other. But in all seriousness, we need OLB depth, and Marshall is as good as any 7th round prospect, not very, but he may work out and should earn a roster spot.

Final Depth Chart:

QB: Flynn-Moore-Devlin

HB: Bush-Thomas-Messam-Rainey

FB: Clay

TE: Fleener-Fasano

WR1: Marshall-Bess-Wallace

WR2: Garcon-Hartline-Gates

LT: Long-Watkins

LG: Incognito-Garner

C: Pouncey-Cook

RG: Jerry-Feinga

RT: Bell-Murtha

Offensive Players: 26

LDE: Perry-Merling

LDT: Starks-Baker

RDT: Odrick- Jean-Baptiste

RDE: Wake- Trusnik

LOLB: Dansby-Spitler-Marshall

ILB: Burfict-Misi

ROLB: Burnett-Mitchell

CB1: Davis-Hosley-Carrol

CB2: Smith-Wilson

SS: Jones-Culver

FS: Nelson-Clemens

defensive players: 24

K: Carpenter

P: Fields

LS: Denney

KR: Rainey-Gates

PR- Hosley-Bess

Thanks for reading, please leave feedback below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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