Ask yourself some questions ...

So Jeff Ireland is terrible and nobody wants to play for us >> Thanks for that Ryan Clark who didn't get the money offered he was looking for when he came down on a visit .. or the red carpet treatment.

Peter King who writes an article about how great Matt Flynn will be then says the Dolphins are dysfunctional organization after Flynn chooses the Seahawks. Maybe this is why he is a writer and not a GM?

Then our old friend Joey Porter piles on the NFL network saying how terrible Ireland is as a GM not because of his issues but because of Dez Bryant. BTW he was terrible on the network and didn't even know where to look when speaking ... just saying

The only thing that has surprised me is that nobody has called Channing Crowder to ask him how he feels. Its like calling everyone you have done wrong or made look bad over your life and and got them to speak about you. Talk about piling on. Its not even a fair fight.

Personally I don't understand why this is done or needed. Was Matt Flynn who went to Seattle to battle for a starting job that big of a deal? Did I miss something?

Did us missing on Peyton Manning make us a laughing stock but not the other 12 who called with interest?

Was Matt Moore that bad last year that we are that upset over not getting a back up QB or spending 8 million on a starter who statistically didn't put up great numbers?

So we get used as leverage for a Jeff Fisher when looking for a new team .. I don't remember him saying he hated Jeff Ireland or the organization. He went were he could get his people. Nothing wrong with that IMO and btw who is there defensive coordinator? Is it Dog or Boba? can't remember his name

Okay Okay so we didn't get great value back for Brandon Marshall but with what happened can you really expect more? He wasn't exactly squeaky clean .. I do commend him for for getting help for his issues and it is great what he is doing and has done but sometimes enough is enough.

Reason why it hurts right now


The off-season is generally used to infuse talent into a depleted roster and more importantly sell HOPE to fans. The only problem is that there is no feeling of hope right now ... We traded our most talented WR, lost out on the most sought after FA QB in Manning and apparently lost out on what was considered by everyone to be our "Plan B" QB. Hope is what sells tickets but rarely if EVER has it won a Super Bowl .. just sayin

The issue that has been with the Dolphins for too long is that all we have been doing is selling hope and not talent. As a fan I have lived for this hope for far to long, the new QBs (I will not name them ALL) or expensive FAs just haven't panned out to lead to a consistent playoff team. PERIOD. I have always been pleased with the Dolphins off-season, remember when we where Super Bowl favourites after landing Culpepper ... and yeah I think that was Peter King who called that one too. We don't need players who are quick hires for cap figures that don't work, we need first round talent that improves our roster each year .. and so far I think Jeff Ireland has done that.

Reasons to be optimistic

If you really need examples of what great teams do than look at what the Giants, Steelers, Texans, Packers, Saints and Ravens have done this off-season. As I have learned great teams draft well and use FA to fill holes .. small ones not gaping ones. After some good drafts I feel we are getting closer and closer to this philosophy.

So why be so upset that we haven't went out a picked up the big name talent? Personally I have moved on, I like the talent of this roster as I have said before. The only hope I have for this off-season is an extension for Cam Wake (deserved) and Jake Long (cap friendly) to contracts that they deserve. In the draft I hope we get a solid QB whether it is Tannehill, Cousins or Weeden I will be okay with it on top of some WR talent.

Another couple things I wanted to point out but I'm sure most people are forgetting.

Remember when everyone wanted Kyle Orton? or when people said Reggie Bush couldn't become a runner between the tackles? They were killed in the media for these things too, I just bring these up because I didn't see anyone eating crow or saying hey I was wrong on these moves ... just sayin

What I will say is they know talent and don't always do what the fan base wants, they hold to what they believe is right and I like that. I do not want someone who is in charge that is desperate to make moves to appease other peoples wants and desires or what they think is right instead of there own beliefs.

I don't expect this to be popular considering the overall tone of this site and national media, I do see where mistakes have been made but I also feel they have been overblown and that is just my opinion and I'm not afraid to stand by it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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