BahamaDolfan’s 7 Round Mock Draft 3.0

It’s been over a month since my last mock draft, and boy, how things have changed down in South Beach. Marshall has been shipped out and Solai has signed up for another year. Who would have thought that? We also have brought ourselves in a new cornerback/nickelback, whilst the team are interested in Jamaal Westerman at DE. Things are looking up for the aqua and orange.

Despite many pointing to the fact that we’re in rebuilding mode, I feel we still have plenty of talent to push for the playoffs next year. Now, one thing we know about Philbin is that he will bring in high character guys. If you look at the Green Bay team, they are all like one big family. Philbin wants to create a team here. He will not stand for prima dona footballers. I think it’s also crucial the Dolphins pick up a QB in FA (We all know it'll be Flynn). But failing to sign a QB in FA is risky. Tannehill could go as high as 4, way too high considering he’s not projected to be a starter straightaway.

Based on this, the FA should set up this draft in the following way:

-Provide PROTECTION for your QB.

-Give your QB WEAPONS.

-And make sure you bolster the PASS RUSH.

These are three key ingredients we need in order to move forward.

Round 1: TRADE!!!!! I really think we need to trade down. We have way too many holes. Lets look at dealing our pick to a team in the 15-20 range in order to pick up an extra 2nd rounder.

DE Nick Perry. Hybrid pass rusher that can fit in the 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. Has the violent hands and the footwork, body control and fluidity to quickly change directions. Plays fast and hard; great explosiveness. Would be awesome to see Brady get knocked to the ground by either him or Wake. He led the Pac-12 in sacks; 9.5 to be precise. Good kid; no trouble at college. Doesn’t have ideal arm length, but neither does Ingram.

Round 2a:

RT Zebrie Sanders. Whilst I would love it if we signed RT Winston in FA, he will be expensive. He was earning $5.5 million in Houston. I would rather use that money on someone like Mario Manningham. Sanders should still be here with our pick in the second. He has good weight distribution and the ideal physique for a starting NFL RT. He’s got the long arms and knee bend to stop the pass rushers getting through him too. Best of all, his footwork is excellent for pass blocking. This is the guy Philbin should go get. He will help solidify the right side of the line once and for all.

Round 2b:

WR Mohamed Sanu. The WCO needs wide receivers who have excellent hands and can run their routes exceptionally well. It’s not all about speed. This kid is a very strong player, has outstanding hands and has got a quick burst off the line. Doesn’t have elite speed, but has enough to break away on those vertical throws. However, after the catch is where he excites me. He has the ability to accelerate through the gaps and separate from his opponents. His college coach says he’s irreplaceable. Great kid to have in the lock room, which is more than you could say for Malcolm Floyd. Stay away from that kid. 3 arrests at college – Brandon Marshall number 2 anyone?

Round 3a:

G Senio Kelemete. Like Sanders, Kelemete excels in pass blocking, which is what we need for the WCO. Very underrated player and should be able to slot in at RG straight away. Good quickness, powerful hands, light feet. Two-time team captain.

Round 3b:

TE Ladarius Green. Does this kid remind you of anyone? I actually did a bit of research and I was astounded at what I found. When Jermichael Finley entered the draft, scouts had concerns that he couldn’t block. But he did have the speed (4.67 s in the 40), good height for the position (6.5”) and elite hands. He got taken by the Packers at the end of the 3rd. That’s exactly where we’ll take Green here, with the Bear’s pick we got from the Marshall trade. He ran the 40 faster than Finley, is one inch taller and also has great hands. I am extremely excited about this kid. Mark my words. He is the next Jermichael Finley, and could turn out to be one hell of a player!

Round 4:

ILB Vontaze Burfict. Yes, Philbin likes high character guys. Burfict isn’t one of them. But you can’t pass up a talent like this in the 4th. If he doesn’t work out, big deal. It would be worth the risk. He needs a coach that will believe in him and veterans that will keep him in line. He could be a great pickup.

Round 5:

QB B.J. Coleman. At this point I think it would be a good idea to grab a QB and develop him. Who knows if Moore will be around after next season? This is where B.J. Coleman comes in. Physically imposing and solidly built, he has the strong arm to make most of the throws in the NFL. He also has good mobility around the pocket and a smooth and quick release. A quick learner who has a passion for the game, and wants to win. He is a winner. Very coachable kid. We have the coaches to coach him up.

Round 6:

TE James Hanna. Green Bay had 5 TE’s on their roster last season. We are going to need more players at this position. James Hanna was the fastest TE at the combine and has the height (6.4”) to be a threat. Solid depth at TE.

Round 7:

RB Lennon Creer. I got a feeling we need another quick running back. This kid has the burst, speed and vision. He is also built like a running back. Only problem is that he runs too upright, but this can be coached. Depth at RB position. Lets see what he can do.

In this draft I did not address the safety positions. We need to keep Bell at SS for another year. Next year, they have quality prospects at either FS or SS. We can wait until then. We need to continue to build through the draft. I think these selections would put us in a great position to make a run at the playoffs. I’m even fine with Flynn coming in, we just need that QB!! But in this draft, we sorted out the right side of the OL, we brought in two TE’s that can be a threat vertically, provide great depth at QB, take a risk on Vontaze Burfict, provide depth at RB, bring in a pass rusher and grab a nice looking WR. I believe Sanu could work well with someone like Manningham and Bess. With Gates and Hartline behind them, that is starting to look like a pretty decent WR corps. Lets make these moves to put us in a position to bring down the Patriots next year!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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