This Completley Wack Offseason and The Many Different Opinions

What a Completley annoying offseason we have on our hands here. Being a Dolphin fan since 5 (14 now), I will always stick by this team no matter what. Since I only started paying REAL attention to the game at eleven in my first fantasy football pool I have realized the tough few years of the Dolphins. Although I know enough to stand by this team, we have an entirely new Staff that I can't wait to see them handle the organization. We just need to stay positive! Sure B.Marshall has some pretty big shoes to fill, but I just think we could find a Reciever better who doesn't drop balls or run out of bounds when he has a CLEAR field in front of him.

I know all of us were losing a little trust and starting to wonder when we just sat back and watched on the first day of free agency. I mean we pretty much watched Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall, and Mario Williams in ONE DAY!!! That really felt like a punch in the gut, we didn't sign a free agent we got rid of a Reciever who could've gone for way more thn what we got. Although, my hopes rised when we signed Marshall and Resigned Solai. That gave me some reassurance that we were trying to do something. Also knowing that Flynn will be meeting with us and that we could possibly trade those draft picks up for Blackmon, or what I want to do is trade them with another player for a Flashy WR to help us out. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter to me that We get Manning or Flynn. Sure I'd like to have tem but I. Not gonna cry if we don't get them. I mean I saw some potential in Moore last season he got better every game and I could see him improve. Especially when we should've beat the Pats but our D let in some easy TD's and the conservative play calling didn't work to well either.

In the draft I would love to get Blackmon in the First. I heard we just signed a Jets linebacker so we could pick up a DE in the second or third. Here's how I think it should go.

1st. Round- Trade up for Blackmon using our third rounders gained from Chicago and Perhaps a Fith Round pick. I see a lot of potential in this guy and he's great at making catches deep in the red zone which we struggled in last year at first.

2nd. Round- Draft a DE who knows maybe Ingram or Coples might still be there?

3rd. Round- Mark Barron- Out of Alabama this guy was Explosive and knew how to Handel his coverages very precisely. I like him even more because maybe we could have him start at free Saftey and keep Marshall at CB

4th. Round- Grab a QB for development behind WHOEVER IT IS. Preferably Cousins if he's still there.

5th. Round- Another WR, because we need some talented depth at the position and someone to compete with Hartline/Gates/ Wallace

6th. Round- Add RT to learn so we aren't screwed in a few years again.

7th. Round- Tell me in the comments love to hear your thoughts.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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