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As much as you want to try and make sense of what has been going on its really hard to. Even if we were to get Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn.. who are they throwing to? When you look at free agency, there aren't many answers left. Instead of getting better in the offseason it seems like things are falling apart. What is wrong with the Dolphins!

Ben Volin‏ twitter
#Dolphins will have $11.31 million in dead salary cap money from Brandon Marshall, Vernon Carey, AJ Edds, Tim Dobbins and Matt Roth

So we're still payin for Matt Roth huh?

I don’t know what’s worse the logic for getting rid of talented players or the compensation we receive for them. For example…

Matt Roth for nothing

Roth actually made a decent transition to a 3-4 OLB but for whatever mysterious issues he had with the FO he was waived. Then in 2010 we spent a high 2nd round pick on Koa Misi who basically ended up replacing him. Well I think its safe to say Id rather have Roth right now

Ted Ginn for a 5th round pick (pick used to select Nolan Carroll)

We never really replaced his speed on offense or in the return game. Then in 2011 we spend a 4th round pick on Clyde gates. Ginn had a really good year as a returner last season and as of right now Ginn is still the better receiver and returner.

Brandon Marshall for 2 3rd round picks

So we spent 2 2nd round picks on Marshall and we ship him away for 2 3rd round picks despite the fact that he was a Pro Bowler last season and is in the prime of his career.

When I think about the robbery Chicago pulled off I cant help but think what type of season Marshall is going to have this year. We needed a receiver before Marshall got traded now we need 2 and a QB.

Now I understand Marshall has been involved in an incident that could lead to a suspension, but you know what Ireland and whoever else was involved in making that trade knew the risks that came along with Marshall and traded for him anyway. Id like to see how this situation plays out because if Marshall ends up being cleared of any wrong doing, then we couldve kept him or possibly traded for more.

And there is no "masterplan" in place, I’ve come to realize that this FO is not that smart. Remember in the 2010 draft when they took Jared Odrick and everyone was confused, but later find out that they were moving Randy Starks to NT? Well Randy Starks wasn’t horrible as a NT but he was better suited as a DE in which he made the PRO BOWL the year before.

Now these fools have interest in Laurent Robinson. Now don’t get me wrong I like Robinson but now the interest is for him to replace Marshall! Guys like Manningham, Meachem, and Robinson are the #2 upgrades that I wanted to see play next to Marshall not to replace him.

Hell if you were going to get rid of Marshall we would’ve been better off drafting Dez Bryant (you know I had to throw this in here lol) back in 2010 but instead we are looking for #2 receivers in free agency to replace Marshall.

Robinson benefited from the attention Dez was receiving, If he came to Miami there would be no other receiving threat to take the pressure off and teams could just focus on him. I'm sorry but Robinson is not a #1 receiver. I loved the idea of him playing next to Marshall not replacing him.

Packers West Coast Offense

Everyone is saying that our offense is going to be similar to Green Bays when that is far from the truth. Besides the obvious fact of not having Aaron Rodgers, we don't have anything close to the weapons he has either. His receiving core consist of Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, James Jones, and Randall Cobb. Im sorry but Davone Bess and Brian Hartline arent going to cut it. I mean just Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson alone is better than our receiving core right now and I didnt even mention Jermichael Finley. So if we were to sign Matt Flynn dont expect him to have the same success, even though the offense may be familiar the quality of weapons aren't.

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