Is it possible?

Hey guys,

As I sit and watch the rollercoaster ride that is the "Peyton Manning Saga", I am left with a couple of questions that have me wondering. Everyone knows that owner Stephen Ross wants Peyton Manning more than he wants oxygen, but the way this whole thing has went down just seems odd. Here is what I find to be weird:

1. The Dolphins are "all-in" on Peyton Manning and as soon as he is available, where does he go? Miami! BUT! The Dolphins don't have time to meet with him? How can we be all in on something and can't get that meeting set up when he is minutes away?! The hardly seems like we are all in!

2. The Dolphins let Peyton leave their city and reports surface that they are "hopeful" to meet with Manning. Hopeful?!? The one guy who is supposed to be able to sell tickets and return this franchise to greatness was in our city and we are "hopeful" to get to meet with him? I realize Peyton chooses where he wants to go, but I'm surprised Ross didn't offer him ownership in the team to just come and meet with the team!

3. After a lot of speculation, the 'Phins are able to secure a meeting with the much sought after free agent and chosen to represent the team is.... brand new coach Joe Philbin!?! (who I think was a great hire btw) I understand the reasoning behind Joe Philbin having this meeting, I mean he will interact more with Peyton then will Ross or Ireland, but why just Joe Philbin? Does Peyton not care about the organization itself or our draft plans? Does he not care about what we are trying to do in the future? It just seems like a man as meticulous as Peyton would want to know a lot more about the Dolphins than just what we are planning X's and O's. I realize Philbin has insight into those, but i don't think picking a new team is a time to employ the "less is more" strategy.

4. My understanding of this Peyton situation is that Ross told his people to "make it happen". This does not make much sense to me. Ross is the owner and has his own agenda, but he has held onto Ireland from the last regime for a reason. Ross wanted Fisher really bad, but wasn't willing to let go of Ireland to make it happen. He obviously values Ireland's opinion. So here we are, with a huge decision about what player to bring in and Ross supposedly makes the decision on his own? I'm not buying it! Regardless of his football acumen, Ross is a smart man. You don't have the kind of money that he has without knowing a thing or two about business. I believe that Ireland, Philbin, and Ross made this decision jointly. There would be no purpose in keeping Ireland (instead of getting the coach you want), just so you can do his job for him.

The reason that I have made these points is to illustrate what I believe may be going on: The Dolphins really want Matt Flynn!

If there is one person who has the need for Flynn and the knowledge of him, it is Philbin. If the Dolphins come out and say we really want Flynn, then the other teams in need will see that Joe Philbin holds him in high regard. That would be bad for the Dolphins as it would drive up the price and competition for Flynn. If the Dolphins focus their attention elsewhere, then other teams might think that if the coach who knows him best doesn't want him, then why should we. I realize that the scouts are going to watch the tape either way, but there is no reason for the Dolphins to show interest to him as it would only hurt their cause(could also be tampering at this point as well). The 'Phins keep saying we want Peyton, but their actions hardly demonstrate that immense interest. My hope is that Philbin knows something that we don't know and is bringing that something to Miami. My question to you guys is, do you think I could be right?

In case you can't tell, I'm a big Flynn supporter because of the potential of the guy. It might just be me, but I'd rather have a chance at 10 good years then a sure fire two good years. Either way, Go Phins!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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