2012 NFL Draft: Power Ranking the Top Quarterbacks

Everyone knows QB is our biggest need. Brandon Marshall's spectacular performance at the pro bowl further highlighted this need. We got a glimpse of what the kraken could have been if he had a good QB throwing to him. Matt Moore may or may not be the solution, but this post isn't about Matt Moore, it is about the incoming rookie class. Of course we all know Luck is going to the Colts, so I am excluding him fromthis list. I will list the prospect, give a brief analysis and project where they will go and in what round.

1. Robert Griffin III, Baylor (Height: 6-2. Weight: 220) - RGIII is a phenomenal passer and athlete. He has superb accuracy, arm strength and decision making. He is also a great runner, accumulating 699 yards and 10 TDs. His biggest downside is that there will be a bit of an adjustment period due to playing in the spread offense in college and that he may get frequently injured due to his low weight. RGIII should go at the no.2 or no. 3 pick to the Washington Redskins if Peyton chooses to go to Miami. If Peyton goes to Washington and Flynn chooses Seattle, then I see the Phins taking a shot at him.

2. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M (Height: 6-4. Weight: 219) - Ryan Tannehill can best be described as a poor man's Aaron Rodgers. He has good arm strength, accuracy, mobility and decision making. His biggest issue is lack of weight and poor mechanics/footwork. His lack of weight will always be an issue, even though he could probably add 10 lbs without severely affecting his speed. The footwork and mechanics issues can easily be corrected by good coaching. I see either the Seahawks picking him up in the late 1st if the Dolphins get Flynn. If the Dolphins choose to take Peyton Manning over Flynn, then they will probably trade down for him.

3. Nick Foles, Arizona (Height: 6-5. Weight: 244)- Foles reminds me of Chad Henne, except with better touch. He has great arm strength and decision making to go along with decent accuracy. He struggles against the pass rush and rarely looks past his first read. He will need work on going through his progressions, but good coaching could turn him into a poor man's Jay Cutler, while bad coaching will turn him into another Henne. I project him going to the Browns in the 2nd round. The Browns need someone to push McCoy or replace him, and they could end up with a Brees-Rivers type situation if both McCoy and Foles play well.

4. Brandon Weeden (Height: 6-4. Weight: 219) - If Weeden were 5 years younger, he would be pushing Luck and RGIII to be a top 10 pick. Unfortunately, that is not the case and Weeden, at 28, will have a severely shortened career. He will need to go somewhere where he can start right away or where he can compete immediately. He won't be too expensive and has great accuracy, decision making, arm strength and maturity. I see him going to the Buffalo Bills in the 3rd round. Fitzpatrick struggled tremendously towards the end of the season and needs someone better than Tyler Thigpen to push him for the starting spot. The Bills will also need a better backup than Thiggy, which Weeden will provide. Another team I can see him going to would be the Jets, who need competition for Sanchez. But, I think the Jets will take Chad Henne in FA to fill that need.

5. Kirk Cousins (Height: 6-2. Weight: 209) - Cousins displays potential to be a good game managing, mistakes limiting QB in the mold of the Alex Smith we saw this past year. He protects the ball well and rarely makes mistakes, but he isn't going to be a huge playmaker. He would be an amazing backup, but won't be more than average as a starter. Due to his low ceiling, he will be a mid round pick. I see him going to the Giants in the 4th round. The G-men need a good backup behind Eli(te) Manning. Unfortunately, David Carr is not exactly the best backup out there. You can't expect a guy who is afraid of his own shadow by this point to go out there and win games. Cousins will be a great pickup who will be able to step in if necessary and win some games whie keeping them competitive.

6. Brock Osweiler (Height: 6-8. Weight: 240) - This guy is huge. There are no other words to describe him. His tremendous size will be a huge asset to him. Height is not the only thing this guy has going for him. He also has great arm strength and surprising mobility for a guy his size. He struggles with mechanics and footwork, which lead to his struggles with accuracy. Fortunately, both of those issues are easily correctable through good coaching. In the draft, I see him going to the Eagles in the 4th round. Vick is aging rapidly and can't seem to stay healthy. With Young leaving via free agency, they will need someone to sit behind Vick and learn from Andy Reid. Osweiler will be in a great place to sit for a few years before being injected into Reid's QB friendly offense.

7. Russel Wilson (Height: 5-11. Weight: 203) - This guy is tiny, and that is his main downfall. If he was even 2 inches taller, he would be looking at being drafted as early as the 2nd round. DUe to his short stature, his stock will fall. He has great mobility and is a good runner. He reminds me of Michael Vick in a way as he is short, a decent passer,but a great runner. He will need to go somewhere where he can sit and watch a real NFL QB do it. Because of this, I have him going to the Saints in the 5th round. He will be able to sit behind Drew, who is rapidly approaching 33. At best, he will learn from Drew and take over as the starter.At worst, he will still be a better backup than Chase Daniel.

8. Case Keenum (Height: 6-1. Weight: 210) - Keenum put up some record breaking numbers this past year. But that was more due to Houston's system than Keenum's own skill. He is a good system QB that will struggle outside of his comfort zone. Wherever he goes, his upside is simply that of a mediocre backup. I see him going to the Cowboys in the 6th. Romo needs good, young backups behind him, and Keenum should provide that. Garrett's offense is very QB friendly and will give Keenum a good chance at being a successful backup.

9. Kellen Moore (Height: 6-0. Weight: 191) - Moore seems to be the most overrated prospect out there. I can't begin to understand why someone would want him in the 2nd. For Kellen Moore, just imagine a slow Pat White. White's speed was the only good thing about him. Moore has one of the ugliest releases I have ever seen, yeas worse than Tebow's. He has no arm strength and his accuracy is spotty at best. His only saving grace is his intelligence, which far surpasses any of the QBs not named RGIII or Weeden on this list. His intelligence allows him to avoid turnovers. I doubt he has a future as anything more than a journeyman or bad backup. I see him going to the Jaguars in the 6th round. Moore will be able to battle for the 3rd string spot behind Gabbert and any free agent they sign (I have them signing Jason Campbell or Vince Young).

10. Dominique Davis (Height: 6-3. Weight: 215) - Davis brings an intriguing combination of accuracy and mobility. When I see him play, I've seen a poor man's RGIII. He is a pass first QB, who can also take off and run. Out of all of the QBs on this list besides RGIII, I think he has the highest upside. The biggest issue with him is that he comes from a very basic offense. There is very little complexity to the offensive schemes. Another issue is that, while his accuracy improved between the last two years, his passing yards and TDs went down from 3,955 to 3, 225 and 37 to 25. Meanwhile his INT count went up from 16 to 19. The INTs and yards don't worry me that much, but the drop in TDs is huge. There a few scenarios I can see with him. The first would be if the Dolphins get Matt Flynn. Davis would be a good developmental prospect for them. Another possibility would be the Rams, who need backup QBs. Bradford and Feeley are good enough as the no.2 and no. 3. But they need help behind them. Not only that, but Feeley should be retiring in the next few years, after which Davis can take over as the primary backup. The Rams O-line is like an entire line of Colombos,so they need the depth.

Thanks for reading. Please leave feedback and opinions below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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