Things to be Happy about last season.

This is my first post, so show some mercy. As we wade through the quagmire of the time before Free agency begins. I was thinking about what I really enjoyed about this season. Now 6-10 will not make fans dance in the street, but we can look at some of the events that at least gave us a smile here and there.

#1 Jason Taylor leaving on his own terms. Nothing bothered me more then Zach leaving the dolphins by unbolting his parking sign from the players parking lot. I know that he was allowed to retire a Dolphin. but it wasnt the same as the fans getting a chance to acknowledge what he had done for this team. Jason got to leave with the fans cheering. He almost got leave with another stat with made him one of the best DE of his generation. The other teams knew that if they made a mistake around JT, you payed in a bad way. He will be missed, but we can feel good about how he left.

#2 Reggie Bush highlights being more then PizzaHut comercials. I was tentative when we signed him. I could see the talent, but if the Saints could not get the most of him, how could we? Well Reggie showed that he could run between the tackels (if used properly) and that he was not made of glass. Reggie doing the Madden spin against the Bills, was just a reminder of what he can do in space. Last year might just be a fluke, but if not, we can have a highlight reel for awhile.

#3 Matt Moore showing that he is more then a scrub. I know that alot of people will be disapointed if Matt is the starter next year, but we must be grateful for what he did to save our season. As much as I love Chad Henne, our team was going nowhere. Matt came in, and then gave us just a spark that made the last half of the season interesting. His TD throw to Clay against the Jest was as beautiful as it gets.. Next year if he has to go in, at least we wont be turning off the TV.

#4 Darrel Revis showing his true colours against Tim Tebow. I know that Tebow is maybe 50/50 on becoming a long term player in the NFL, but his beatdown of the Jest was something special. I know the score was not a blow out but the Jest were a beaten team after that. I am not skiled enough yet to insert a loop of Revis steping out of the way of Tebow on a run in the fourth quarter, but we all saw it, and we all smiled when it happened.

#5 Jimmy Wilson. I like underdogs, and when a young man has a second chance all the better. He spent time in jail for actions, that from everything I have read, were in self-defense. He came out last year as a long shot. Talented but rusty, and all he did was improve as the year went by. Sure he made mistakes (name one player on our team that didn't this year) But he made some big plays in a limited amount of time. With 1 int and 1 FF. he had the same stats as Yeremiah Bell. He may not pan out, but you never know. Maybe the Patriots are not the only team to find late round draft gems.

Please add your thoughts and comments and thanks for your time.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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