In reallity, we should have won 2-3 SuperBowls Late 80's early 90's

I mean we had the goods, 1 of the Very best QB. Wow it blows my mind to think Tony Paige & sammy smith got the job done grantit no Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. But with them U dont even make the Playoffs. There not losers, enuff said. Crist as i look back, that entire offense should have gone to the probowl. The year was 1990, were we hung back then. Jimaney crickets man can we even come close to the tallent, that was on that squad. QB. wize i'm just not sure, if my enjoyment was watching a NFL football team play on a sunday afternoon. It was watching Miami post 40 or so points & just watch the other side of the field squerm uncontrollable to the point of puking, in this hot florida sun. I've got some realy kickin pictures here just don't rightly no how to get them in!

Dan Marion, sence comming into the Leauge has lite up teams repeadly. Some Coaches were herd saying, how do you game plan for Marino? I supose you haft to hope that he wasn't on that day, & you were playing in your own park!

Lets do some things that are bit out of my line for me. I'm gonna post some, this is more.

Harry Galbreth Guard; the man was an animal, as soon as he was signed. We where unstopable err unsackable in his 1st 19 games! Thx; "Dan Marino"

Richmond Webb the incredable; Tackle no tackle ever made the probowl right out college but Webb did!

Jeff Uhlenhake Center started all 16 games he could have made all pro that year!

Keith Simms Got hurt in September but started the last 9 games that season he was a super rookie!

Heres a blast from the past allpro Ferrel Edmunds; TE named to the probowl get this He only had 3 tds!

Bring back Jim "Crash" Jensen I remember that chant, slott man Jim!


John Offerdall Inside L.backer The leader of the Miami Dolphins, defense Shula intrusted in him the entire defence to this man as if he had a player/coach Linebacker on the field, Domination was the rule not the exception for as much film as he attended. He was the Director of Defence for Miami!

Jarvis Williams; Safety he had one rule "steele from the Colts" any chance you get, he got (4 interseptions) in 1990 alone, from the Colts In his last game that year he playing against Washington he returned one for a 42 yd TD.

Jeff Cross; DE man this was one of my all time faveriot Players 11 1/2 sacks as soon as the QB turned around there was Jeff Even got his hands on a punt when the kicker got up looking at the reff are you not going to throw a penality flag cuz the guy crushed. Srry he blocked your punt.... no flag.... the punter went to the wrong sidelines, he got hammered!

JB Brown; CB Who ever herd of a 12th rd pick becomming a starter rite out camp, he was a high jump artest with speed, & you know the only one that knew, what we had was Don Shula!

Pete Stoyanovich; Kicker we seam to find the very best kickers or so it would seam "Midwest Pete" I used to call him the guy was born in Michigan, College in Indy!

The list goes on & on Hugh Green, David Griggs, Shawn Lee, Super Duper, when i'm even i'm leaven Clayton, this is the offseason Enjoy!


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