PotM's Midseason Draft Report, Part 1

As regulars may now, I regularly do scouting of positions of need and make posts about the positions we need to address. I have been keeping up with prospects, but have not had time to write. I figured that it would be a good time to do one.

This season has shown a lot of promise for the Dolphins moving forward, but we still have holes to fill and positions to improve upon. Our Safety play is inconsistent, LBer coverage leaving something to be desired, CB depth severely lacking, not enough DE pass rush talent, average OGs, no seam-stretching TE, and an injury-prone power running back.

At TE, we have two young players vying to become that guy who will complement Fasano for the foreseeable future. Carrol looks to become our #2 CB for a long time and we have Jimmy Wilson at #4. We have Wake and hopefully Vernon, but you really need 3 DEs. Our OTs and C can make do for now, but we need to start looking into improving our OG position. Fasano looks great this season, but can't force the safeties to worry about him in coverage. Thomas is constantly out and needs to be addressed.

I will be sorting the prospects based on what round they will be picked in. *** means I like this prospect. **** means I will be happy if we draft this prospect, even if I thought there was a better one on the board. ***** means It think this prospect is the best that will be on the board when we pick, there might be multiple 5 stars and perhaps none in a certain round.

Without further pause, let's start:

Round 1

1) Deandre Hopkins, WR, Clemson, Round: 1-2 ***

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs Clemson Tigers Highlights - 2012

2) Terrence Williams, WR, Baylor, Rounds: 1-2 ***

Terrance Williams vs Texas,OSU,Oklahoma,Missouri (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

I expect Hopkins and WillIams to be taken in the late first to early second. I expect this because both are fast WRs with enough size to play on the outside. They also have proven success in college, which is going to be hard for teams to ignore. I expect our assigned pick to be in the late teens and the Colts 2nd to be even later. This would mean that we probably not be able to pick either of these players with in the second round, unless we move up.

Both players are speedy wideouts with good route running ability. They can attack defenses deep and have solid hands.

3) Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State *****

I do not expect Werner to be there when we pick in the first, but if he is Ireland needs to pull the trigger. I will lose my mind if he ends up in Miami.

Werner is an absolute beast of a DE. He is able to manhandle OTs to get disrupt the ground game and get in the backfield on a consistent basis. He is one of the best pass rushing prospects I have seen in a while, able to use many moves to get into the backfield.

FSU Bjoern Werner 2011 Highlights (via mgodbold1080)

4) Alex Okafor, DE, Texas ***

Okafor is a good DE prospect that will be on the board when we pick. I do not feel he will be the best prosect when we pick however. He has done really well against most teams, but somethimes is quiet when he goes against good talent.

Alex Okafor 2011 Junior Highlights (via godzillatron24)

5) Demontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M ****

Moore will most likely be the best DE prospect when we pick. No team has been able to keep him quiet, as he has a nose for the ball. He consistently disrupts plays no matter who he lines up against. He is stout and strong against the run, but could stand to hone his skills.

Damontre Moore vs Florida 2012

6) Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State *****

Rhodes is a shut-down corner in the making. Rhodes is a big CB that has the speed to keep up with anyone. He is a ball-hawk, catching a lot of INTs last year. This year, teams have been shying away from him, because he will pick you off. He may or may not be there when we pick, depending on how the draft goes. If I was a betting man, I would say not. I personally would pick Moore over Rhodes, but there is a very good argument to not do so.

Xavier Rhodes vs WF and Clemson 2012 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

7) David Amerson, CB, NC State ****

Amerson is a ball-hawking CB. His ability to shadow a receiver and step in front of the ball is uncanny. This aggressive nature makes him miss on some plays, keeping him from being a true shutdown corner like Rhodes or Millner. He is likely to be there when our first pick is up, but CB is not nearly as big of a concern as DE and is not as important of a position.

David Amerson vs Tennessee 2012

8) T.J. McDonald, FS, USC ****

McDonald is a force in the defensive backfield; patrolling USC's last line of defense with a huge stick. Receivers hear footstep when they go over the middle on the Trojans. He is a centerfielder to be feared.

No. 7 FS-SS TJ McDonald, USC vs Stanford

9) Kenny Vaccaro, FS, Texas *****

Vaccaro is your traditional ball-hawking safety. He has played many types of zone at Texas. He has played hook, deep center, deep half, flats and deep flat zones. He also plays man coverage well. The man has a nose for the ball in zone and knows where it is going. It is dangerous to throw in his zone, because he will pick you off. Because of the lack of good safeties for a long time, one of these players should be off the board by the time. With the lack of good quarterbacks this year and the explosion of defensive players; I expect there to be a lot of defensive picks.

Kenny Vaccaro 2011 Junior Highlights

Round 2

1) Cobi Hamilton, WR, Arkansas ****

Hamilton has 1st round talent, but has been held back this year by his quarterback, who happens to be his brother.

Cobi Hamilton vs Rutgers 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)

2) Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia, Round: 2nd *****

Like Hopkins and Williams, Bailey will likely be drafted before where he projected to go right now. A good combine along with his play-making ability will make him an attractive draft pick for any franchise. Bailey has enough size to be an outside WR in the WCO, like Greg Jennings. I don't like to use player comparisons, but their combination of speed and route running ability are similar.

Steddy Ambition (Stedman Bailey Highlights)

3) Jonathan Cooper, OG, UNC ***

Cooper has been dominant this season, opening up big holes in the ground game. He will fit in either a power run or zone blocking blocking scheme equally well. He looks to be a plug-in and play prospect that will play very well his rookie year. He has the upside to be a pro-bowler his rookie season, but he plays OG and that isn't an impact position. With the lack of weapons to run a WCO, I wouldn't draft offense without going TE or WR this early.

4) Chase Thomas, SOLB, Stanford *****

Chase Thomas vs Notre Dame 2011

5) Sean Porter, SOLB, Texas *****

Sean Porter vs Oklahoma State 2011

Both of these players are going to be very good 3 down SOLBs and have great instincts. They have the speed and quickness to get to the ball carrier quickly. Their athletic ability makes them great space-eaters and good in coverage.

6) Kyle Fuller, CB, West Virginia ****

Kyle Fuller has been great for West Virginia. WVU has been terrible in pass D this year, but they have been able to rely on Fuller to do his job well. Fuller has good, but not great size. His quickness and speed make him who he is. He has been making plays this year, but has not made the INTs scouts had hoped he would get this year.

Kyle Fuller Big Hit (via jeepinhokie)

Tank Carridine, DE, Florida State

Carridine was active last season, despite being the backup DE for FSU. He has also been active playing across from Werner. He has been able to beat his one on one matchups all season long.

Cornellius "Tank" Carradine vs Miami

John Simon, DE, Ohio State

Simon has generated more pressure than what the stat sheet shows. Scouts think he has the best motor in the draft.

Is John Simon the best player Urban Meyer has ever coached? (via ProFootballWeekly)

Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford, Round: 2

Erta is a fast, huge TE that could be a valueable seam-threat for some team. He needed to improve his blocking ability coming into this season and has.

Round 3

Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M, Round: 3-4 *****

Swope was Tannehill's #1 target in 2011. Swope is a big, fast WR that is a really good route runner. He runs like a RB after the catch because he is a converted RB. His stats are down this year, so he will see his stock drop.

Ryan Swope vs Northwestern/Baylor 2011

Josh Boyce, WR, Boise State ****

Boyce is a fast WR that gets in and out of his cuts quickly. He is not as valued in most systems as he is in the west coast offense. His lack of size is seen as a negative in systems other than the WCO and spread.

Josh Boyce 66 Yard TD Catch TCU Horned Frogs vs Gambling 2012

Josh Boyce Unreal 30 Yard Catch

Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma

Moore is likely to be leaving us this offseason, making a backup QB a top priority. Jones has a big arm and has a lot of upside. He has made plenty of plays in the passing game, but his decision making is shaky. As for the possibility of us actually drafting a QB: the GB PAckers drafted by Brian Brohm before the Dolphins picked Chad Henne. We could look to find a long-term backup as well in this draft.

Landry Jones 2011 Highlights

James Gayle, DE, Virginia Tech

James Gayle vs Virginia 2011 "Morgan Moses"

Alonzo Highsmith, OLB, Arkansas

Baccari Rambo, S, UGA ****

Rambo has off the field issues that might keep Philbin from drafting him, but he has first round talent and superb instincts in coverage.

Bacarri Rambo vs Ole Miss 2011

Rashard Hall, FS, Clemson

Hall is your traditional FS.

Rashard Hall vs BC and Miami (via JMPasq)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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