Seahawk Down !!!

It was a great day to be a DolFan,....period. And I had too much fun. The tailgate, the DCC presentation, and an awesome game that was capped by a game winning FG as time expired. WTF,....too much fun !

My day started like all other game days,.....with hair & make-up. Img_6817_medium

And I'll be honest,....I wish we had a few night home games as getting up at 6AM to get all dolled up can be a chore. I guess it's the price I must pay to be so beautiful ( hit sarcasm button now ). I completed my regiment early and we arrived at the stadium at my normal time, 8:30AM a half hour before the gates open. On this day I was so proud as I was rocking my DCC jersey, a new sign, and theState of Ohio flag beneath my Dolphins flag. I am OHIOFINFAN4LIFE and I kick ass and take names ! Img_6837_medium

Now this day was different than most days as we had to go into the stadium by 9:45 as to do a run through for the DCC on field presentation. This didn't leave much time for my usual shenanigans. However I did see a couple other Ohioans prior to going in the stadium,....all be it mannequins. Say hello to mannequin Csonka & Warfield !


It just never gets old to me. Going to games, tailgating with all my new friends ( from far & wide ), and especially going onto the field. Talk about being proud to be a Dolfan,....that I am !


Once there I hung out a bit with another new friend, Eli, who rode in all 3 DCC events. He has a special story and one that everyone should hear. He hails from Israel and wanted to give back, so he became a police officer. Cancer has effected his family as well and he wanted to give, so he rode in his 3rd DCC,....with a partially torn achilles tendon for 170 miles !!! While others would have packed it in,....he pressed on. Dude is bad ass,.....and my friend !


So,....there was this thing on Saturday that those in the know call " The Game". And what a game it was,....Ohio State vs Michigan. And I will say this I love the State of Michigan and Detroit is near & dear to my heart. But for one day out of the year,.....I got NO love Big Blue or any other their fans. With that said it was time to (respectfully) bust Michael Mandich's balls. GO BUCKS !!!


He wouldn't hold my flag, I positioned properly,.....over his head. LOL ! And with that said,....I know I had one coming the next time the Buckeyes lose to Michigan. If one dishes it out, one better be ready to take it,.....and that is a fact.

So we practiced our hold of the rear wheel,.......well I might add. Notice Tanya on the back side checking herself out on the big screen. Too funny as I was screaming her name,....repeatedly. Img_6833-1_medium

It was here that I noticed jake Long was no farther that 15 yards from us stretching out before the game. And who was over there talking to him, buddy Michael. This was I picture I need to get and I wasn't about to be denied. So I just their attention and asked for a quick picture. Now,....I might be crazy, but I ain't stupid. I wasn't going to say a thing about "The Game" to Jake. However, you know how the saying goes,.....paybacks are a bitch. Michael outed me straight away,....."you know he's a Buckeye,...right". Ohhhh snap,.....he got me good as I had to dance softly around that one. I'm 6ft and 210 LBS,.....and look like a twerp next to this guy. And with that I will root for Michigan this coming Bowl Season.


Another buddy, NIck who is the DCC director.


While on the field I saw more than one professional photographer snap pics of me. This one ended up on The Dolphins website.


Yes,...I'm a rock star wannabe. Cue the band !


I've seen this guys picture around, and I love his style. I got this picture as we headed back out to the tailgate as we had about 90 minutes to kill before the actual DCC check presentation.


Once back out at the tailgate I saw the opportunity for a few good pictures. You see we got a gorillas in our mists and if I could be an animal it would be a big bad silverback gorilla !

Monkey see,....


Monkey do !


There is an asshole in every crowd,....ours was MrMedic. What a dick,.....


He says he doesn't come around much as he doesn't like the new layout. So here is my "rant" ala our old buddy Fr8train.


Too much ???? Ahhhh,.......fuck it.

On with the party. I mention a few posts back about a photo of everyone with a Dolphins tattoo. I all but forgot about it until this dude rolled up sporting The Phin Addicts "Fighting Phin" logo freshly inked on his forearm. Bad ass bro,....bad ass !!!


And here is everyone is proudly sporting their Dolphins ink ! I love it, go get a tattoo.


Our cheerleaders are hot, but not as hot as my Wife,...


Game time !!!


Sit down and hold on,....I'm about to blow your mind ! Again,....


I think you might know this guy,....our very own M.M. makes the big screen !!!

So,.....some of you might be blown away yet. Time to go all "next level",...again. Mind you I haven't even looked into editing these and they are, shall we say,.....raw.

Reggie to the house !!!

How about that power running game Mr Thomas !!!

Not sure if this is in the right place, but it still too funny. Let it rain,....


Tannehill to Clay,......crowd goes "ape shit" !!!

Now for the pay off,.....the kick is good. THE DOLPHINS WIN !!!

After all that one might think that I got a big head. Not true, least when compared to this guy.


What a great game ! What a great time at "Joe Robbie Stadium" !

And one more thing,....If I ever pull a Fireman Ed,......shoot me dead. I lived through a 1-15 season going to 7 games that year. Yeah I bitched and moaned about it, but I never quit on my team,.......NEVER !!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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