Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins: What to Watch For


The Miami Dolphins take on the Seattle Seahawks this Thursday. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

After waiting all year to watch the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, I ended up being disappointed, like many of you. We lost to a division rival, the Buffalo Bills. I thought we were going to be a playoff team, but I think that's out of the question. We lost three easy winnable games, but the schedule gets tougher as the season draws to an end.

However, the Dolphins can regain national attention by beating the Seattle Seahawks this week. However, that could be tough considering the Seahawks are coming off their bye.

Here are some things I'm looking for:

Has Tannehill hit the rookie wall?

Some rookies hit it...some don't. It looks like Ryan Tannehill has hit it the dreaded "Rookie Wall". Although, should we be blaming Tannehill for this?


He's getting no help around him. The line isn't doing their job, receivers are either dropping or fumbling the ball. The run game can't get going. And most importantly, defenses have figured Tannehill out.

Why did it take Sherman wait until the 4th quarter to start making adjustments? I don't know, that's just poor coaching from a man who should know what to do with all the experience he has.

I don't think Tannehill has hit the rookie wall. I think it's just because he's getting no help and we've been playing behind the last few games Tannehill is trying to do too much.

Can we recover a fumble...please?

I've never seen anything like it. Sean Smith summed it up on Thursday against the Buffalo Bills. When the defense allowed a completion to Scott Chandler, I believe it was Reshad Jones, forced the fumble and the ball fell behind Chandler where he couldn't see it. The ball bounced in front of Smith.

Smith just stared at seriously. He just sat there looking at it, while Chandler turned around and recovered his own fumble.

The Dolphins defense has forced 17 fumbles, but have only recovered 3. I'm glad we're forcing teams to fumble...but recover the ball for gosh sakes!

Who needs to step up?

Maybe it's just because I have a huge man-crush on him, but I'm going with Rishard Matthews.

He was on my draft radar and I was overjoyed when we took him in the 7th round.

With the release of Jabar Gaffney, one of the younger receivers needs to step up. However, Matthews is going to be seeing more playing time. I liked what he did against Buffalo, even if it wasn't much.

Matthews EARNED his roster spot, he played very well in the preseason. Now it's his time to shine on the real stage!

What are you watching for?

But most importantly, what are you guys watching for?

And, if you are looking for tickets, either to this week's game against Seattle, or any of the Dolphins remaining six games, you can check out our Miami Dolphins Tickets page.


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