Wait and See

There is no reason to start making conclusions about Vontae’s play with the Colts. This was not a player that was traded during the off-season; he was traded about a week before the season started. You can’t expect a player to get traded to a new team, learn a new defensive scheme, and dominate after one week. Hell, Vontae was learning the Dolphins new defense all off-season. When you are learning a new scheme you tend to do more thinking and less playing with your instincts/ability. So with that being said I would wait towards the end of the season or maybe even next year with a full off-season before I judge his performance with a new team.

Watching Vonate play the past 4 years he was taken to school by some elite receivers like Randy Moss but he also made his fair share of plays by grabbing INTs. Now he was far from a lockdown corner but when he lined up against an elite receiver I had confidence he would hold his own. Just look at his brother Vernon Davis, Like Vonate he has an elite skill set for his position but a couple years into his career people questioned whether he would live up to his talent. 4 years and a Mike Singletary later, Vernon finally broke out. I think it will eventually click for Vontae.


A 2nd round pick is pretty good for a player who has yet to reach full potential. But unfortunately that pick has to eventually turn into a player for the Dolphins. And judging by history, the Dolphins haven’t been lucky with 2nd round picks. This is a list of Dolphin 2nd round picks since 08’ (really don’t care who you want to credit for the picks)


  1. Phillip Merling
  2. Chad Henne


  1. Pat White
  2. Sean Smith


  1. Koa Misi
  2. *Brandon Marshall trade


  1. Daniel Thomas
  2. *Brandon Marshall trade


  1. Jonathan Martin



*The 2 picks we gave up for Brandon Marshall ended up being two 3rd round picks for the Dolphins. And one of those 3rd round picks turned out to be Michael Egnew, so just one more 3rd round pick to mess up and the compensation for Marshall is complete SMH.

So basically Vontae Davis played bad in his first game in a new defense, decent in the next two games, he was injured for the 4th game, then another decent game coming back from injury, and now he’s injured again. Its way to early to tell how good or bad this trade really was. It really depends on the player Vontae becomes in Indy and the player we end up using that 2nd round pick on. But one thing that is for certain is the combination of Richard Marshall/ Nolan Carroll/ Jimmy Wilson hasn’t exactly been a legitimate upgrade at the cornerback position. And I don''t want to hear that "Vontae would've bee a nickel corner anyway" since Marshall took his starting job in camp. Being a starter just means your out there on the first snap, your play determines whether or not you deserve to stay there. So when Richard Marshall was getting torched by Santonio Holmes the first time they played the jets, you think Vontae could've done worse? I'm just sayin...

In other news after Darrelle Revis and Anotnio Cromartie, the third best CB in the AFC East is now Aquib Talib. Talib is obviously worth more than a 4th round pick but he has plenty of off the field issues. He’s faced two separate suspensions by the league and I believe he’s in the last year of his contract. Now throw in the fact that the Patriots have the worst secondary in the league and you can see where he fits. This doesn’t really have much comparison to the Vontae trade because Talib is a better player at this point in his career and Vonte hasn’t been suspended twice by the league so there is really no comparison based on the circumstances.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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