My Opinion On A Few Things

I wish to share my opinion on a few things I feel like sharing with anyone who wants to read. This wont be a stat cruncher or anything like that but just my opinion on Miami's QB's, RB's and other things.

First let me share my thoughts on Tannenhill. He is the first QB that Miami has drafted in the first round since Dan the Man. That may put a lot of pressure on him but in reality this was expected to be a growing season for him. I was never a believer in Ryan. What I mean is I didn't think he should have been a first round draft pick. Im usually spot on when it comes to QB's, what I mean is I can usually speculate correctly which QB's are over hyped and which ones will be good. I thought Luck would be good but has exceeded my expectations in how well he has played( Though watching this NE game, he doesn't look as good so maybe defenses are adjusting to him). RG3 is looking great and I believe both him and Luck will go on to be great QB's. I believe in the Miami game that Luck, while throwing for a lot of yards, did not do the most important thing a QB is suppose to do, SCORE. For all those yards they got on our defense they did not put up a lot of points.

Now on to Tannenhill. He did great in college, especially in a very high scoring offense, but I did not believe he was a 1st round pick. I think Miami was forced to pick him up due to the fact we really needed a QB and he would have been gone by our next pick. So I understand the move and I know there was basically no way of trading up to get the other two QB's. I assumed we would basically be starting Moore since he looked more than adequate for the position, then maybe start next year. I always thought he had the accuracy, toughness, versatility, but his decision making had to be worked on. I still believe in this and another downside is that he does not go through his progressions. He has a tendency to look at one receiver and wait and sometimes goes to his second read, Watch Luck and you will see he reads the receivers routes, compares this to what the defense is doing and knows which receiver is where and how to put the ball in a good place for his team. I know Ryan is not Luck but I would rather have a QB who can predict where to put the ball. Ryan throws interceptions almost exclusively when he holds onto the ball to long watching one receiver then throwing it. This lets the opponents get a lot of time to read him and easily predict the throw that will be coming. I counted at least 4 different instances where there were wide open receivers in Buffalo's game and that is just what I could see watching it live on TV. He is a rookie though and honestly I have been happy with his performances. I believe with the right coaching he can become a great QB for our team. He is mobile enough to move and has the smarts to get much better mentally. I understand our line hasn't been giving him the best protection but I have seen the same problems during games he got good protection so I believe it is something he has to work on.

What I want to see from his this year is a comeback win where he drives us down the field under huge pressure and wins us the game. I also want to see him looking off defenders and making his reads quicker, and throwing the ball where the receiver will be instead of waiting for him to stop, by the end of the year. Please note that he doesn't always stare down one receiver but he does it on a lot of plays. That will make me feel much better about him. Overall though I am surprised by how good he has been. Think about this, he was a WR but then switched to a QB and played two years in that position. I do not know all his numbers but I do know he ran a very efficient offense in scoring so that says a lot about him. Of the three QB's mentioned I believe he has the most room to make improvement and this fact makes me happy.

I guess I should mention the Wide Receivers. I have thought since the beginning of the year that we have no good receivers for Ryan to throw to. That interception where he threw a deep pass to Bess was actually a great pass but Bess never made a play on the ball. If that had been somebody like Brandon Marshall the ball would have been caught because it was placed nicely. We have no deep threat at all which makes passing a lot harder. Hartline doesn't do much good as our number 1. Every team had different ways of using there Wide Receivers but basically a great number 1 has to be able to get deep and make a threat. Whether because of his size, speed, or combination of both, this will always keep the defense honest. If the opposing team plays one on one against our number 1, Ryan should be able to know he can throw the ball that way and we can get chunks of yards at a time. I am not knocking Bess or Hartline, Bess makes a great slot receiver and we have to use him on the outside negating his strengths. I do like Hartline but he is not a good outside receiver. We have others but none really contribute at all. I understand why we got rid of Marshall and didn't keep Chad but in doing that we have made it much tougher for our Receivers to keep the defense honest in defending us.

I believe once defenses saw if they stopped the run they could just drop into coverage and not worry about our receivers challenging them at all. If we can not pick up a great receiver in free agency this off season, then I believe we should use our first pick on a big receiver in the draft because this will benefit Ryan the most on offense and help us score more points. In reality we need two outside receivers but I think we have bigger problems to address than getting two receivers early in the draft( I will save that for another post because the areas I believe are a problem might surprise a lot of fans).

I will make remarks on the Offensive line and running backs in this paragraph since one relates heavily to the other. Tony Sparano wasn't the best coach but our o-line always played decently for the most part. For three games in a row our line has played poorly in not only pass blocking, but also run blocking. Our backs are constantly getting tackled in the backfield and at the line of scrimmage, our line cant get to the second level anymore, and some lineman are missing blocks completely. Bush can not even get to the outside without being challenged by two players, no running up the inside exists since no holes are getting open. I believe part of it is because we have no threat at the receiver position so the opposing defenses are starting to focus on the run which makes sense. Bush still has a lot in the tank as shown in the Indy game but neither him or Thomas have any chance behind this line.

The pass blocking has been non existent lately too and Ryan has barely two seconds to get the ball off. He is getting pressure way to much from four men rushes which is ridiculous. I think a lot of it is we changed our scheme this year and our players aren't taking to it very well. I think we will need a new O line coach next year in less they play great CONSISTENTLY for the rest of the year.

I still have a lot to say about our defense, one of the main things being about the mistake of getting rid of Davis and I have the proof for this next post. I am happy with this team and if we can get four more wins I will be happy with this year. Next post will be about the defense and my opinion on this coaching staff. I know this was a long post but whether you agree or disagree I always enjoy reading other fans opinions on how I feel about this team. So in till next time my fellow FIN FANS, PEACE OUT.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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