Phinsider Game Day Superstitions


Last week, we discussed our game day setups, looking at how each of us watches the Miami Dolphins each week. This week, we change it up a little and take a look at our own game day superstitions. What do you have to ear, wear, do before or during the game to make sure the Dolphins win?

Last week we had a discussion over our game day setups. I told you that I have my two big TVs, my laptop, my iMac, my iPad, and my phone all going during the game. But now, we turn our attention to the superstitions we each do before - and during - the game to help the Miami Dolphins win.

Like last week, this discussion comes courtesy of our friends over at Samsung, who are holding a Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes. The link to enter the sweepstakes is below, with the winner getting a living room makeover, to include a full suite of Samsung products and remodeling. The estimated value of the winning package is between $10,000 and $15,000.

My own superstitions come with two things. The first is, I have to buy a new hat each season. This year, I've bought a few during the season - but before the Week 1 kickoff, I have to have a new hat. I don't know why. I've never aligned it with any sort of success or failure from the Dolphins - maybe it's a matter of continuing to search for the hat with the Super Bowl magic in it. But, that's the first one.

The second comes to the jersey I wear. I wear the opposite color as the Dolphins. If they are in white, I am in aqua. If they are in aqua, I am in white.

And, the non-matching rule does not work for the orange jersey. If the Dolphins are in orange, I am in orange. And, if the opposite jersey as the team thing isn't working, at halftime, I will usually change into an orange jersey to try to give the team a spark.

I don't know why these started, but those are my superstitions. What are yours?

And, remember you have a chance to have your living room/man cave/woman cave remodeled. Enter the Smart TV Makeover sweepstakes here.


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