It's not just the game, but the beginning of a Dolphins vacation. I can't sleep !

I went to bed early enough ( for me ) at 11:30, but yet I found myself wide awake at 4AM. What better time than now to chew away the time with a little pre trip post. Bob, my wingman isn't even arriving until 8AM. And I might add he's picking us up in his brand new big ass Dodge truck, I don't think he even has 3K on it yet. Bonus points awarded but not needed. I was going to get there if I had to walk, thankfully it didn't come to that.

Since being home I've been a busy little beaver. Working as much as possible, handling numberous different chores, fix-it projects, Dolphins arts & crafts ( my personal favorite ), and training. I can't really say that I've yet to do anything special since being home. No concerts ( yet ), no weekend getaways, nothing. Just work, and working towards this weekend. Then in two weeks, we hit the road ! NY for a week, straight to Ft Lauderdale Beach for a few days before the DCC, and finally ( with any luck ) settling back in Ft Myers for the season. It's has been challenging trying piece together a 20-40 hour work week when we are home temporarly. So, it's kinda like work to get work. But it all came together in the end and I'm glad it did. Hence cash saved so we can spilt town and soak in some more of the gorgeous Florida sunshine this Winter. Speaking of weather, cold & damp. I am ready to go !

Literally, I am ready to go. Where is Bob ? Oh,......currently 5:10AM. Nice,....more waiting. Everything is packed, ready to go. New cooler looks even more amazing in person than in the pictures you've seen. I have found myself just staring at it, then lifting the lid only to giggle every time. Then I recovered the vinyl seats on my homemade Dolphins folding chairs. The white was shot and has been replaced with aqua,.....they are the cat's ass ! No pun intended. Bought another flag to go with my new flagpole. Dolphins on top, State of Ohio beneath. It looks F'n amazing, and you won't have to look hard to find my spot when tailgating. M.M. has a new sign ( or two ), and I've perfected the pit stop change out for different situations. Costume & make-up have been inspected and trailed,....good to go. We baked a batch of my Grandma's cookies. She's the same lady who posed me by that Dolphin at Marineland in my avatar. Chocolate chip oatmeal with walnuts, and they are amazing. I got them all the time as a kid, now just once a year when I come home. It does take me back down memory lane. I also got some of Toledo's own Packo's pickles & peppers "sweet hots" along with that cooler filled with water, pop, & beer. Dolphin paper product & plasticware,.....check. Swag for the tailgate,.....check. You can bet your ass i'll get on my soapbox and swag the crowd. I might even mention the DCC and pass the hat while I'm at it. You SOB's aren't off the hook either,......lots of you could throw a buck ($1) my way for the cause. I might not hit 10K, but it will not be because I didn't try.

Enough about that,.....wanna see my new chairs ?? How about some music ?? Something from OFF4L's jock Jams you say ??? Certainly !


Note the stencil from Metallica's Binge and Purge boxset,....

Now isn't that soothing to the ears,...yup. It makes me want to get up and go,...back to bed. NOT !

So,....just so you know, when I got something to share you see it first. Which brings me to my new signs. I've made several attempts at different signs over the years. This time I decided to have them professionally made. I say them because i opted for two signs,....go figure. And as I sit here I can already think of a few minor changes I could make,....oh well, another time. I give you the soon to been seen everywhere ( Cincy, NY, FL ) signs,......



I personally can't wait to go marching with this all through Paul Brown Stadium sharply dressed as a crazed Dolfan psychopath. Which I am clearly not. A psychopath that is.

Blah, blah, blah,.....

I'm going to grab a a power bars & a OJ and wish it was cold pizza & a Pepsi. Later,...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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