Reggie Bush not being utilized as a weapon enough. Blitzing the rookie is a "good" idea.

I wonder what this post could be about.

I don't remember if the Dolphins have split Bush out as a slot or wide out this season, but it needs to happen. Not because of a lack of play by the wide outs thus far. More of an incentive for the apposing defenses to account for more in a game than just Reggie running or us passing. Then again I don't want it to get as gimmicky as the Wildcat from the Sparano era. More of a way to have easier reads for Tannehill pre-snap. When you are able to distinguish the defender who is covering Bush before the snap of the ball you can pretty much immediately determine if

A. He will be open on a short route or

B. Which side to run to.

That brings me to my next point. Lamar Miller and (to a lesser extent) Daniel Thomas have shown that they can run the ball fairly well. I don't see why we don't try to either get a splitback formation into the game plan or at least try and figure out a better way to get better match ups for the wide outs and the backs respectively. I would like to see Thomas in the back field with Reggie because he has pretty much been the for sure option on passing downs as a blocker. It opens up a lot down the field when you have to worry about if your line backers are going to get burnt by Bush on a simple quick out or if he is just clearing a line backer from the front 7 or 8 to have Thomas run a draw.

The one thing i credit Sparano and the offense was their ability to try and get the best players on the field at the same time. They really need to have more "exotic" looks for the defense to key on. The offense has looked too vanilla for the first 4 games. I assume this might be in part the decision to start a rookie, who has me sold on his ability to, at the very core, be able to fit the balls in places Henne wouldn't be ballsy enough to throw correctly. Last week the passing game got a little more open, with Hartline making William Gay look like a rookie with double moves and getting him to commit PI.

You don't get to throw routes like that with bad play on the O-line.One of the major factors in Tannehills success last week was his ability to step up,for the most part, into a pocket and keep his eyes downfield. It is HUGE that we could keep out line mostly intact for a full year. John Jerry may have looked off and on last year but the right side of our line is a lot stronger now. Long,Incognito,and Pouncey look to be getting more comfortable out there hip to hip. Some may say that they gave up too much quick pressure on the forced fumble, but i think that happens to any line. The defense called a play that was the perfect blitz at the perfect time. For most of the day RT17 had enough time to read the D and get the ball out cleanly. Even on the times he was rushed and should have just held on to the ball(such as the fumble and overtime INT) I would much rather have him look down the field than to completely give up on the play. He has the very hard to teach ability to keep his eyes down field even when he is getting pressured.

Analyzing the last interception you can clearly see Hartline with at least a step on the cornerback. Tannehill was trying to make a play which with just a split second more he would have beat the blitz HARD. It was 1 on 1 on the outside as far as I could see during the game and he had his receiver behind the defensive back. He tried to step into just about every throw no matter what the pressure was and made it known he isn't afraid of the hit. It's something you see out off good quarterbacks. The ability to know they are gonna get hit but taking that step forward and taking the hit after you throw.

Yes the defense got turnovers on the times they blitzed, which is precisely what is supposed to happen. I don't see it as Tannehills inability to react for the most part. He made them pay for blitzing quite a bit. I only see upside in RT. He shows poise no matter what the situation and doesn't seem to falter in confidence when bad things happen, like some of the other quarter backs in the league(looking at you Newton and Cutler.) After Hartline slipped on that first INT he still targeted him over and over. He seems like he knows that Sh#% happens some times. Oh and people say Hartline only made big plays when no covered by Peterson, well Bess had 123 yards so it showed no matter what, we could get our wide outs enough time to run routes to beat the coverage.

That's my positive rant for the day. If you read thank you, if you didn't well... you will not have had any knowledge of this sentence.


I like Tannehill.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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