State of the Dolphins pt 4

Ok finally got some time to post my week 4 outlook.

Dolphins currently and the way they are looking, we are young and inexperienced in areas but if you look they are coming along nicely and even the overall D seems like its coming around

Offensively the Dolphins looked better than I thought they would against the Cards D passing the ball, they may have said they were going to make Tann beat them passing and he basically did, now when we mix the run up with the pass the Phins should be near unstoppable. The only problem to me is once again RED ZONE TOUCHDOWNS. If we can score off bombs thats great but when we get to the red zone we need to be able to punch it in. IMHO we dont have the personel, currently, to go for jump ball situations so Philbin/Sherm need to design the type of plays that the WRs are cutting in front of the dbs in slant patterns or something like that.

The Oline did remarkably well against the Cards D with some errors here and there. There is no way that any LB should be able to come through the middle untouched at all period, and honestly looking back at those 2 big plays they look like it was the same play call. Aside from that they still look like a solid O line, now if we can keep this line together for a few years without moving people in and out ala Sporano we should be ok for a few years.

RT17 looked real good with his progressions, im starting to wonder if he is not thowing the ball to the other WRs a little more because he either doesnt trust their hands yet or he knows NaeNaa couldnt catch a cold in winter.. either way I think thats actually a good thing that he realizes those things if that is the case. Hartline and Bess are showing me something because while I knew they were solid #2/slot WRs Hartline is actually making a case in this WCO that he can be a #1. The addition of Gaffney means we can have our version of (Henderson -NO and Nelson-GB) that slot WR that can get #s also.

The Defense showed up and the thing I will say I am most proud of is the fact that we are actually getting TO's early in the season, this is a huge win for us if this continues, Ints, Fumble recovs and that gives us either stops or good field position. EarthqWAKE finally started showing up on the rictor (spelling) scale in a big way and again our run defense is just dominant. If teams cannot run on us they will try to throw on us which will make our pass defense look worse than it actually may be but if a QB has to throw 40+ times to score 21 points im all for that, make their arms fall off..

overall I think, still, that our teams is coming along beautifully and that last week showed that we can open the passing game up, just need to get the scores in the Red Zone but I feel that will come when Philb starts trusting RT17 more so that he will give him a chance to take shots at the endzone not just fade routes..

But on another note, GB still seems like its struggling offensively without Philbin there, as long as they struggle and we look better each week I will take that as a plus all day every day because in my eyes if GB struggles offensively then I feel like it has more to do with JP leaving than anything else, and if he can bring that magic here then im giving us 3 years to be solid contenders each year, maybe next year depending on who we get in the draft to upgrade us, but at the same time if we start winning and look solid I feel that will bring more FA's here to be part of something special.

i feel like I address all areas except the running game which I wish we would have used a little more but I understand with RB being injured but my thing is if he was injured and they were going to play it safe with him they should have just sat him and run Miller and Thomas more.

oh well thats all for this week, but one more thing, LETS GO DOLPHINS

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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