The Game is ON!

If ya'll haven't noticed, it's time to go the jet swamp (Giants Stadium, that is). I know some of you are on the cusp. Wondering if you can do it.

Yes you can!

I've taken the liberty to repost an email from Michelle at Dolfans NYC who is the organizer of a small battalion of Phins fans (150-200) headed to the game. My clan isn't part of the NYC bus contingent but we're hooking up with them at the tailgate.

We're gonna bring two disposable grilles, necessary adult bev's, and and overage of yummies.

(disclaimer alert: two of we four are Raven fans and will be sporting their colors. But since one is a jujitsu black belt I was obliged to let that slide)

The Dolfan Battalion is seated in sections 322 and 321? Don't know if there are any seat left here but don't let that deter you from grabbing some tix and coming.

BSerious are you listening? OFF4L are you there?

Who's in?

Here's the Dolfan NYC email:

Hi everyone!

We are less than a week away from the big game and I can't wait!!

Just wanted to send out a few details about game day....

1.) If you signed up for the DolfansNYC charter buses, I will send you meet up and payment details shortly. Stay tuned. Your payment includes the bus and food/drink at the tailgate.

2.) If you are not taking the bus and would like to swing by the tailgate, please look for us in the charter bus lot inside of Lot L. (on the map in the link below, it's the dark blue square inside Lot L). We plan on arriving at 10am.

3.) If you are meeting at the tailgate please feel free to bring whatever you want. Food, drink, BBQ grill, footballs, etc. If you do have a grill, please come find me when the buses arrive as I'd like to set all the grills up near each other. If you have a folding table that you can bring, that would also be amazing. We have all of these items, but having more would be better since we are expecting a lot of people.

4.) If I have your game tickets just come find me at the tailgate. I'll have them all with me there.

5.) Our very own Liz Waytkus has organized hats to be sent to us from the Miami Dolphins (thank you, Liz!) Please come find us at the tailgate so that we can make sure everyone has one. Love that all 200 of us will have matching Phins hats!! :)

6.) On game day, whenever possible, we'll be posting on our DolfansNYC Facebook and Twitter pages, so if you're looking for us, it's best to reach us that way.

7.) Around 12:15 we will gather everyone for a group photo, so around that time please don't go far.

8.) It has been an absolute joy to organize this trip and I am so looking forward to this weekend. It's been great e-mailing with you guys and preparing for the game. I'd love to have the chance to meet everyone face to face, so please do come find me and introduce yourself.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll see you on Sunday and GO DOLPHINS!!!

-Michelle =)

I'm Tunaflipper and I support this fanpost.

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