Brian Hartline is Miamis next six million dollar man.

The whole world has to have seen Brian Hartlines hands, Damn i thought I was watching "7-11 Hogan" catching the football.

Definetly the team is moveing on to bigger & better things. Locateing "Wide Recivers & seam bustingTE's" is priority one all in it-self.

Man just watching him last year, as different player in size of body. When it's thrown to him, he sure can hang onto that ball like before. Brian & his New QB. are useing there heads, and have-not thrown Into double coverage. You can catch-up at wide-out easy enuff (Brian) but we need more speed at #1 WR, Jerry Rice your not but with the spreed the ball around new West Coast Offensive skeem.

Well after the shutdown corners have done there jobs with a bit of help from there Safetys, all that's left is dump-off screens & big receptions by (TE) down the seam. TE; Blocking is above all mandatory if a young one is brought in, I hope its early in the draft so coaches help him with the most importent training. That's to learn to (get on) the field.

With the healing that is taking place, (among players) with the dings that'll heal your game. To post we need a number #1 WR, is a failacy. We had a #1 & every week fans had complants of this, that, & the other. He runs out of bounds, he affraid to (take a hit). Yes i'm speaking of Ted Ginn & his #1 family. Oh & I did not like the way Brandon Marshall handled us that sob, we gave him the highest contract. Wow here's hope that we as a team learned lots.

Now I personely would take "two highly touted #2's" the likes of (Brian Hartline) every time. Those WR's. that come to work & don't complain, you no the WCO. kind. They are the ones I root for, just do your job types, unfortunetly it seams we need that #1 WR. diva in the group. Now just haveing said that Thank-you Ginn's gone.

Is Patton on my wish list? Ubet he is, I remember it when he first got here (Brian Hartline) like it was yesterday, asking all kinds of Questions getting real familar with coaches, & QB's man you hardly see any of that anymore.

The way this team is learning to win can only be comparied to a rookie year, where we don't have a bus we do have a bush & a TanneHill. They stay together a couple more years & we'll see more scoreing life is always revolving pushing forward at a pace,

Any-way my favorit wideout is Brian H. & those wounderful Pythons conected to his neck. Oh yeah there was another WR. that had sum heart also, nick name 7-11 or some-thing like that. Speed is what anamores, humm was that a show by our coaches cuz we (Miami Dolphins) were on HBO?

There are lots of variables that will take place before the draft & six million sounds almost great Brian Hartline, oh & GreenBays TE Finley is well ok but i take him if the Price be rite. Opps!

**************************This is WZB Go PhinS**********************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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