Rookie QB conversation

What do we think of the 5 rookie starting QBs so far? Are they a rival group to the class of '83? Who will succeed? Who will fail? I'm going to ignore stats and wins for now and give my thoughts on what I have seen. I would love to know people's thoughts on all the rookie QBs they have watched, and to hear why I am wrong.
As well as ignoring stats, I intend to be speculative, go on a hunch, and possibly make ridiculous predictions that I couldn't possibly justify with logic...

Andrew Luck:

Drafted first. Most hyped. From what I have seen so far, quite justifiably. Rookies are still allowed rookie mistakes in my book, and he has made some, but he looks to be as good as was reported before the draft. He comes across as a football player and nothing else. Who knows how the Colts will draft and coach whilst Luck is playing there, but he looks like a player that will get to the playoffs regularly, and at some point he will get a chance at a super bowl ring. And take it.

Robert Griffin III:

Hmmm.... Let me make this clear. I really like him. As a player, and what I have seen of him off the field. On the field he looks brilliant, great arm, accurate, good decisions, great on the run. So maybe I am just being stupid, but there is something wrong.

People have started to talk about intangibles as though they are tangible, but the something wrong is not measurable. I just don't believe him, and I don't even know what I mean by that, but I can see him failing at the last or near last hurdle year after year. If someone tells me I'm an idiot and he will win 10 super bowls, I can't really argue, but the suspicion will creep back when I watch him. Tony Romo has talent...

Ryan Tannehill:

I'll be brief. This topic is covered here. Looks great. Would be second on this list, if instead of draft order, it was ordered by who I would choose for my team.

Brandon Weedon:

I liked the look of Weedon before the draft. I thought he might be that Hasselbeck-type-plays-much-better-than-he-looks-like-he-should-player. I was rather hoping we might trade down and get him, and not pick that no-hoper Tannehill.... I have long since admitted that I might have got that a bit wrong.

Nonetheless, I think he has looked pretty good at times. He is a rookie, playing on a team that might struggle with most QBs playing.

Russel Wilson:

Ah, Russel Wilson. King of comebacks, last minute drama, 4-2 record.... hopeless. Can't see it lasting. Good defense, decent team, a few freak plays. Ed Reed would have a field day against him. Once the dramatic long pass stops working, he'll only have getting sacked left. That won't work.

Those are my thoughts thus far. We can dig this out in ten years and see if I got anything right, or we can just have it out now.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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