Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 1/4/12

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher's interview with the Miami Dolphins dominated the news yesterday.

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories from around the web you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins 2011 Season:

There are numerous ways to describe the 2011 season but overall the Miami Dolphins fell significantly short of everyone’s expectations. After struggling through the first half of the season (starting 0-7) the Dolphins finally notched their first victory of the year at Kansas City 31-3! The team continued to play with more consistency winning five of there next eight football games, and looked like a team that could compete with anyone in the NFL at the end of the season!

Miami Dolphins Report Card: Unbalanced season yields C-minus

Dolphins Coaching Search:

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Jeff Fisher landed at the Miami Dolphins' complex Tuesday. Now the question is whether the Dolphins will land Fisher.

On Monday, General Manager Jeff Ireland announces, "Steve Ross and I have a plan in place," regarding a new coach. On Tuesday, The Untitled Carl Peterson pops out of the helicopter at Dolphins headquarters with Steve Ross and prospective coach Jeff Fisher.

The Miami Dolphins showed that Jeff Fisher was at or near the top of their wish list Tuesday by interviewing him just 48 hours after the end....

Maybe the Dolphins should conduct their coaching search using the Iowa caucuses as a guide. More than 100,000 Republicans were expected to convene Tuesday night in schools, churches, town halls, libraries and living rooms across the Hawkeye State - though surely not in my Aunt Irma's house on Hale Street in Dubuque - to make choices among the party's glut of real and supposed candidates for president.

Dolphins Owner:

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross predictably and with enthusiasm was booed in his own stadium when introduced Sunday to pay pregame homage to retiring Jason Taylor. Recluse general manager Jeff Ireland surely would have been booed, too, had he risen from his rabbit hole for a rare public appearance.

The hiring of a new head coach will be the first major football decision made by Dolphins owner Steve Ross

Dolphins Quarterback Prospects:

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino joined me on Tuesday and said that if the Dolphins hierarchy believes that Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III is a truly special player, it behooves the organization to weigh giving up a treasure trove of draft picks to get a franchise quarterback: "If you think that there’s a guy out there … that’s going to be there for 10-12 years, that’s going to be a special player in the league, yeah, you think about doing it."

Dolphins Cornerbacks:

The Dolphins cornerback sits down with Jesse Agler to look back on his 2011 season, in which he led the team with 4 interceptions, all of which coming in the 2nd half of the season. Make sure to listen as Vontae explains how he plans to improve himself as a player over the off-season before he enters his 4th year in the NFL.

Dolphins Defensive Ends:

The Dolphins defensive lineman talks with Jesse Agler about his huge game against the Jets, in which he racked up two interceptions and a sack helping lead the Dolphins to a 19-17 victory. Listen in for Starks’ insight on the strong play of the defensive line throughout the year and his comments on how the defense was able to improve greatly as the 2011 season progressed.

Former Dolphins:

How do you take an NFL record 347 wins and narrow them down to just the top five. That's what Coach Shula did for his exclusive list for

Former West Virginia quarterback to serve as an honorary Orange Bowl captain
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