Finhead's Ramblings Part 2: Using the Offseason to Upgrade the Man Cave

Alright, this is the second part in which I share our (mine really) football room. My wife initially insisted in having some Ohio State items in the room, but she stopped asking and I finally filled the room. Not much space for Buckeye stuff left! So sorry... ok, not really.

I'll start with the baby in which I watch the Dolphin games. It's 55-inch TV I absolutely love and I am waiting for some of the Dolphin games to be aired in 3D. Underneath I have an old Dan Marino collection figure and a newer Brandon Marshall. My M.M. isn't as famous as OFF4L's though. I also have an autographed Marino mini-helmet, an autographed Shula Hall of Fame Football, and a Dolphins Legends mug. Oddly enough, I bought the Shula ball from the Hall of Fame and they asked if I wanted this ball, which has two signatures, or the standard ball which has only one signature. When they told me it was the same price, there was no way I was going to trade in a two signature ball. I need to get a case for that thing! I drive the wife nuts with a little Dolphin football that plays the Dolphin Song, says "Touchdown Miami!", or makes Dolphin noises when you hit it.


In the corner I have a little Dolphin gnome. Maybe I'll get a small table for him one day...


I have the Fan Cave sign and a banner by the door along with my beanie since it is cold in NJ! A Dolphin team football, some coasters, and a beer stein (not Dolphin related) are sitting on the table as well.

A Hall of Fame banner I bought in Canton on the wall next to a Dolphin hat on the curtain rod. I have the sideline hat on the other side... I'll need to buy another banner (hopefully) when JT is inducted.

Have the throw blanket on the futon and a panoramic picture of Joe Robbie Stadium. Screw a nice corner office in NYC or some other big city, it'd be my dream to have a corner office at JRS!


Another piece I have from my visit to Canton. I absolutely love this picture. My wife says the two 24k gold coins, one Dolphin and one Hall of Fame, give the thing value. Leave it to the wife to only care about gold. I care about the amazing QB on the wall in beautifully engraved glass!

And finally, my favorite thing in the house (my apologies to the wife and animals!). Is a new television the first thing you see when you enter the Man Cave? No. Is it a welcoming futon? No. It's the awesome Dan Marino autographed jersey my wife bought for my birthday! I knew I married her for a reason.


That's all I have for now. Probably not as much as most Man Caves and certainly not as much as OFF4L, but I love the room and I am always looking for more to add. Hopefully some Dolphin pillows and a Dolphin rug will be in there soon. I'll have to add some shelves as well for more...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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