Finhead's Ramblings: Visiting the Miami Dolphins at the Hall of Fame

It's good to be back on a real computer and posting/commenting through a keyboard instead of a phone. For those that didn't know, I took a trip out to Ohio over Christmas and returned yesterday. I spent my time in Ohio by visiting in-laws, conducting a background investigation on OFF4L (Bacon says he passed), and taking a trip to the Hall of Fame. Before we conduct the search parties for OFF4L and place him in witness protection program (AKA, being a Jaguars fan), I figured I'd share pictures of all things Miami Dolphins in Canton, Ohio.

I hope this will make some people who have never visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame a bit of pleasure seeing some Dolphin memorabilia represented.

First up is the shoe of Garo Yepremian from the NFL's longest game when the Miami Dolphins clashed with the Kansas City Chiefs. The shoe is on display because Yepremian's FG gave Miami the victory in double overtime.


Next up are pictures and summaries of each game Miami played in 1972, recapping the Undefeated Season.


Right next to the pictures and summaries was a jersey worn by Mercury Morris during the 1972 season. Perfectville: Population 1.


My wife caught me trying to hug this shrine display of the greatest Dolphin player, Dan Marino. Included in the display are footballs from 1995 when Marino set many of his career records, including completions, attempts, TDs, and yards. Also displayed is a jersey Marino wore in 1995.


Across from the display was a plaque marking Marino's accomplishments.


A closer look at the display.


I walked by a poster in which Mark "Super" Duper is stiff-arming a Jet. Love it! Img_0428_medium

Next up I walked into the room of all the Hall of Fame busts. It was a sight to see. First up is Paul Warfield.

Now for the beloved Larry Csonka.


Jim Langer

Bob Griese

Larry Little


Don Shula!

Dwight Stephenson

Nick Buoniconti

Dan "The Man" Marino! Oh how I wish he was still our QB.

Thurman Thomas. Ok, not much here, but he was a Dolphin for a year. I hated him, but had much respect when he was a Bill. Anyone born after 1995 just doesn't realize how big rivals Miami and Buffalo used to be.

Here is ball in which Marino threw his 37th TD pass in 1984, breaking the season TD mark. He would finish with 48 TDs.

Displayed is Don Shula's polo, play card, and the football from November 14, 1993. Don Shula won his 325th game this day, surpassing George Halas' mark for most wins by a Head Coach. It was accompanied by a great video of Shula.

A jersey worn by Larry Csonka in 1972.

A picture of Bob Griese and the Miami Dolphins against the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

Ted Ginn's jersey when he became the first player to score two TDs of 100 or more yards in the same game. Yes folks, Ted Ginn is in the Hall of Fame.

Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick pictured playing for the Memphis Southmen in 1975. Paul Warfield left Miami for the same team when Memphis signed the trio to a three-year guaranteed contracts for $1.4 million. I still say the Dolphins, not the Steelers, would be considered the team of the 70s if the WFL was not created and the Dolphins stayed together.


That's all for the memorabilia representing the Miami Dolphins in Canton. They do have a ton of cool items, though not all of them are on display. You can also hear some great stories from some of the lectures there as well. I absolutely loved the trip. I was able to buy a ton of Dolphin memorabilia, which I'll share in a separate post. I tried to find out how much the bust of Dan Marino would cost since I wanted to buy it, but the woman only responded by asking how much my life was worth. Can't hurt to ask...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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