My Reality Check Rant.......(long)


So, just this past Saturday I made a 3 hour trip up to Montpelier, OH... Why you ask? Why would I ever go to such a god forsaken place?

Well, my 10 year old daughter has been wanting a pet of her own....and she chose a Hedgehog as a pet... Now the hedgehog is pretty damn cute... and the more I think about it, the more it reminds me of Miami fans as a whole.

You see, the Hedgehog is a great pet, very loving, rarely bites, is a little prickly around the edges, huffs and puffs a lot when something happens that it doesn't like, and will roll up into a little ball when stressed out. Sound like this very forum? I think so.


Matt Moore

Alight, lets start with what he's earned? Easy. Nothing more than what he started with. A roster spot. A back up QB position. He's Chad Henne 2.0, who himself is a reboot of Jay Feeley and so on down the line.

I was a Chad Henne supporter, as I've never been sold on Moore, and truthfully nothing about that has changed. I think Moore and Henne are almost interchangeable. He started 12 games, and won half of them.

Lets start with the good. He had a 16:9 TD to INT ratio, which its always nice to see on the good side... and he was more mobile in the pocket (although Henne was looking good early in the season too)... He added 2 rushing touchdowns. The game seemed to be different when he was on the field...and I'll attribute that to the way he moved around more.

Now the bad. He only had 2 games over 250 yards passing, and zero above 300. He took 36 sacks, costing the team 229 total yards, and he fumbled the ball and unbelievable 14 times.....losing 6 of them. He averaged less than 200 yards passing per game which ranks him 28th in the league. Out of the six games he won this season, only one of them finished with a .500 record or better (Oakland). So while he looked good when we won.. he wasn't exactly beating the cream of the crop.

He was a different breed of average Quarterback for us this year... and that's why we got excited when he did something different. But this is his 5th year in the league, and I don't see anything about him that says he can strap the team on his back and carry them to victory.

My personal opinion of Matt Moore, is the same of Chad Henne, Jay Fiedler, etc... He's an average run of the mill quarterback, that will win you 3 games per season, and keep you in position to win 3 more. If you want any more wins, the defense and or rushing game better be stepping up.

My wish: No Shocker here...Move up and get whichever QB Indy doesn't take (Luck/Griffin). I have no interest in Matt Flynn. The only way I'd be interested in Peyton Manning, is if 20 other clubs are all interested in Manning. If 20 other clubs are actively going after him, then I'm okay with throwing the world to get him. I want him to pass the majority of clubs physicals before I say yes. I absolutely love Peyton Manning, but the last thing I want is another Culpepper or Trent Green Fiasco.... Good QB's who had injuries that put them at risk for a career ender, only to be signed by us...and surprise, their career's ended.


The New Guy - Philbin

I'll ask a simple question? What do you expect from him? I'll tell you what I expect. The same as when every head coach comes in. Not a whole lot. I expect some pretty speeches, some motivational talks about his philosophy...which lets be honest. When a coach is asked about their philosophy and what they want to change, its like asking a pro athlete for a quote at the end of the game.

"Gotta give 110%....gotta make plays.... change the culture.... credit the team... put ourselves in position to make plays" We've all heard it before...many times.

The fact is it doesn't matter what he did in Green Bay. We're not Green Bay. We don't have the same personnel, the same people calling the plays, so its ludacris to think that what he did in Green Bay is going to somehow translate itself to our team.

Remember this guy named Cameron? Offensive stud for the 13-3 Baltimore Ravens, helped lead them to their franchises best regular season record, before losing to the Superbowl winnings Colts in Rnd 2 of the playoffs. He came into Miami, with lofty expectations...I along with some of you were probably pretty damn excited with Cam came in...1-15 later... we were happy to see him go.

Tony Sparano.... Offensive Line Guy.... he was going to take our rushing attack to the next level. Instead, we had a Offensive Line that never played to anyone's expectations, and I don't need to rehash the last couple years as you all know how that went.

My take: We have to be realistic. We're likely not making the playoffs next year, or even the year after that. Could we? Yes. Am I holding my breath? no. Why would I? With our current personnel we're 9-7, 8-8...that's our sweet spot right now. We could easily repeat 2007 or 2008. I just don't know. I'm hopeful. But not blindly.


Brandon Marshall

I'm so very confused at the amount of people that want to trade away this guy. I'm even more confused at the number of people that seem to be surprised that Marshall drops passes. That's not exactly a new thing for Marshall. He's always dropped passes.

That happens when you are consistently one of the top 5-10 most targeted Wide Receivers in the league. Now, the last 2 years, his total receptions have gone down, by close to 20 catches... he's on his 5th straight 1,000 yard season, and despite having 5 less catches that last year, he finished with exactly 200 yards more (1,214 yards). Which again, puts him in the top 10 in the NFL in both receptions, and yards. He was also 8th in the league in plays over 20+ yards....

No, he's not getting the TD's. But that's not necessarily his fault. We all saw the balls thrown to him in the Red Zone. Many of them just bad, and it was amazing to see him even get his hands on some of the balls... bad play designs, bad patterns, and sometimes bad throws...and yes, sometimes, he just didn't catch the ball.

But that doesnt' change the fact that despite every defensive coordinator out there game planning for Marshall, he caught for 1,214 yards with a guy named Matt Moore throwing him the ball.

The fact is he's still an elite receiver, producing like an elite receiver, in all aspects..... outside of the TD's. If we can get an him better option at QB...who knows what he'll do. I think he knows what he'll do... but I think we all have no idea.


Mr. Daniel Thomas.....

I almost didn't want to put this picture up of him.. because this picture makes him look exciting, like he's making big things happen.

There were 10 rookie Running Backs that had at least 50 carries this season. The running back with the worst yards per carry? Our very own Daniel Thomas. He had the most attempts of all rookie RB's, but finished a distant 4th in total yards.

Now, i'm not going to dismiss him after one season, and maybe he's serving his purpose as the 2nd punch behind Reggie Bush... but I actually thought it was supposed to be the other way around.

Bush was supposed to be our versatile guy. The guy we lined up all over the field, forcing defenses to compensate and causing mismatches... while Thomas was pounding the rock inside. I know he's a young running back and he's got some growing to do, and hell, he's still learning the position. But made a monster jump in the last draft to snag him, and not only did he under perform, he had trouble staying healthy to boot.

Lets hope he turns that around....we need him too. I'm certainly not sold on Reggie being a primary back. We all laud him for his 1,000 yard season... but seriously, do you believe he can repeat that consistently? I'm still of the belief that he is a different kind of weapon, and a not a feature least not a between the tackles guy.

So anyway, that's my opinion....

Feel free to comment away. Yes I didn't cover it all, but, gotta save something for the next one lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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