My Offseason thoughts

I've been a member of this site for over a year now, i have done a couple of Fanshots and comment periodically. This is my first fanpost so go easy on me. Here is what i think we should do in order to compete next year...

Head Coach:

I believe that if we cannot get Jeff Gruden to coach our beloved Phins or Don Shula to make a comeback then i say to stick with Todd Bowles. He did a good job finishing up the year going 2-1 and during that span had the players play extremely hard for him.

Offensive Coordinator:

Daboll has done a great job turning our sub par offense of 2010 to an explosive (top 5 plays of 25+ yards or more) offense with the limitations of talent on the offensive side of the ball and such a short time to do it. So i say keep Daboll and see what he can do with a FULL off season, more play makers, and a quarterback that knows the playbook very well. we could do much more damage next year.

Defensive Coordinator:

Keep Mike Nolan at all costs. the defense was shaky at the begining of the year because of the short offseason. Once they figured out how to play together, we started winning football games.

Player Management:

QB: I would only want to pick up Brees or Manning in free agency. They would start right away and take us to the promise and. Unfourtantley, Brees will stay in New Orleans and I believe Manning will retire a Colt. NO QB BATTLES. It may bring out the best of the player, but it also retains reps from whoever starts. So i like sticking with Moore, Keep Devlin as the backup, and send Henne away.

RB: With Bush going over 1,000 yards and Thomas a promising rookie campagin, we found a new 1-2 punch. Let go of Steve Slaton, and pick up Thashad Choice as a above averege backup. Hilliard will stay the short yardage back while Charles Clay will keep doing his thing at the fullback/H-back spot.

Wide Receivers:

In my mind Marshall makes our offense dynamic. He takes away the defense from stacking the box and is execlent at blocking the much smaller defensive backs. He stays. Hartline is becoming a deep threat, which is very suprising to me seeing that he came into the leauge as a possession reciever. He stays. Devone Bess.. Enough said. He stays. Clyde Gates will stretch the defense and is turning into a nice return man. He stays as well. I would keep Roberto Wallace and drop Marlon Moore. Wallace looks like he could be another Brandon Marshall and Moore only stayed on the team because the final cut day for the team was his birthday. Maybe pick up Devin Thomas to be another deep threat and returner.

Tight Ends:

Fasano is underated as a reciever and a blocker. He stays. The rest of it is a mess. Pick up Fred Davis or John Carlson to be a recieving threat. I know we have Charles Clay, but we should surround Moore with as much weapons as possible (think Houston).

Offensive line:

Jake Long is a probowler even when not 100%. Incognito is quiet but he is doing a good job tag teaming with Long on the left side. Gardner and Jerry provide good versatality so they stay as well. Move Carey back to Right tackle and please and get rid of Colombo. Get Carl Nicks to play right gaurd. That shoud stabalize the line to make us more dominating at the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Line:

One of the deepest positions on our team. With us keeping Nolan as DC that should also mean that we keep the 3-4. We will lose Soliai unless he will take a major pay cut from this season. With that in mind, we would move Starks to the DT, with Mc Daniel backing him up, and Langford and Odrick on the LDE and RDE. Would try to pick up Aubrayo Franklin and have him switch off with Starks.


Dansby and Burnett are the heart of this team. Along with Wake this defense would be nothing without them. I think we should move Misi to the inside/backup to Wake becasuse he isnt producing as well as he should. . While moving Misi inside, we can drop Spitler. Bare with me here, do whatever to get Mario Williams to play across from Wake. Our front seven would be tops in the leauge and would be a force to be reckoned with.

Corners and Safeties:

Davis and Smith probably wont be the best tandem in the leauge, but they are certianly top 5. Will Allen can stay another year as he helps progress Davis, Smith, and Jimmy Wilson. Speaking of Wilson, he should replace Allen as he is let go/retires in a few years. Nolan Carroll has regressed. keep him around to see what happens. Bell is getting old, Jones hasnt proved (to me) that he can start in the NFL, but looks like he is the replacement for Bell. Clemons is too average. Pick up Tanard Jackson and have him and Clemons battle it out while the rookie gets up to speed.

Special Teams:

Brandon Fields is a probowler. Its just more people know about Shane Lechler. Carpenter showed last week that he still can hit 3+ field goals in a game. Both will stay for a while.

NFL Draft:

1st Round: Trade Down (1st this year and next year 2nd this year 4th this year) somewhere along the 17-21 picks. Pick Cordy Glenn and have him compete with Incognito for that spot next to Jake Long. He has quick feet and pulls pretty well, he does a good job in pass protection and excels in run blocking. Has good size and versitality. He played LT before switching to LG this last year. So if something happens to Long we have a couple options in Glenn and Jerry. I dont pick a QB here because i did not switch my Head Coach. If Bowels doesnt work out, then we go after a new HC and Barkley. If Bowels does work, we have two first rounders to trade for Barkley in the first round in next years draft.

2nd Round A: Dontari Poe. Hes 6'5 350lbs with a quick first step. Incredible ceiling. Dominates when only one blocker on him. If he gets a hand on the ball carrier, he will go down. With Soliai gone, us picking up Franklin should leave us with good depth, but adding Poe will give us a big body that could develop into something special.

2nd round B: Lavonte David. Effective tackler, effective pass rusher, effective in the passing game. This guy is effective. Was used as a nickle LB in college. Would give us a Nickle LB and a nice backer if we cannot pick up Williams in free agency.

3rd Round: Aaron Henry. A former CB, he knows how to cover. Not an aggressive tackler and wont wow you with his athletisism. But with limited expierence at the position gives me thought that he can get better.

4th Round A: Kellen Moore. He does not have the size or arm like Luck. He does not have the athleticisim like RG3. But Kellen is a winner. He is one of the best quarterbacks college football has had. His intangibles make me think of Peyton Manning. I would still go for Barkley next draft. Having two first rounders will help in doing that. But this gives us a guy who knows how to win football games.

4th Round B: Pass rushing LB. If we get Williams and Lavonte, this pick would be more of a luxury. Our defense will be a test to every offensive line in the league.

5th Round: O-Lineman for depth and security

6th Round: KR/PR specialist. So we can get Bess and Gates away from potential injury on kick returns and punt returns.

7th round: D-Line to add depth....

Thanks for reading. Take my opinions and soak in the thoughts i have given you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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