How the Dolphins can land RGIII

If Dolphins fan feel the same way I do, the way the draft situation has ended up is quite disappointing. Barkley's decision to stay was a huge blow to the Dolphins, more so than any other team. Almost every mock draft has the Dolphins taking yet ANOTHER OL, but I completely understand why, that's just how the draft shakes out.

I don't care how it should happen, the Dolphins need to do whatever it takes to make something happen. So here is my two cents on how we can land RGIII, the Heisman winner with all the intangibles and athletic ability to succeed at the next level:

Since Luck is 100000% landing 1st overall with the Colts (they would be insane to pass up such an opportunity, even with future Hall of Famer Manning), we must focus in on trading up to the 2nd overall pick with the Rams. So what do the Rams need, other than a GM, Head Coach and a time machine to take them back to their Warner and Faulk days? Top 3 needs:

1. A game-changing WR. Can anyone name a WR to play for the Rams since Holt or Bruce?? This has been a huge need for some time.

2. OL. Comparing the Rams' o-line to swiss cheese is insulting to the dairy product.

3. A quality backup QB. This might sound surprising, but Bradford is a liability as much as he's an asset - he looks like a kicker out there. The Rams need a capable guy to step in if and when Bradford gets hurt, but they can't spend a valuable high draft pick on one because they have other more alarming areas of need.

The Dolphins have the opportunity to provide the Rams with 2 of these 3 areas of need. Yes, basically I'm suggesting sending Marshall and Henne/Moore to the Rams, along with swapping first round draft picks. We might even have to throw in a 3rd round pick to seal the deal (remember we are competing with the Redskins and Browns for the opportunity to draft RGIII).

So the proposal would be:

Rams 2nd Overall pick

(draft value of 2,600 points)


Dolphins 8th or 9th Overall pick, Marshall, Moore/Henne, and 3rd round pick

(draft value of approx. 1,700 plus a #1 receiver and quality backup QB)

The Rams would then be able to take a solid OT with the Dolphins previous pick and we would get the elite QB we have lacked since He Who Must Not Be Named Because It Develops a Feeling of Deep Longing. And either Moore or Henne would still be around to back up RGIII.

The biggest loss is obviously Marshall but I think its a risk worth taking in order to secure a potential stud at QB, a risk this franchise is long overdue to take. Do you really want to continue to go the safe route and take an OL or a DL in the 1st round then a QB in the 2nd who was great in college but will be average at best in the pros? HELL no!!

Another option is swapping 2012 picks with the Rams and throwing in our 2013 #1 overall pick, which should be low if we add our last missing link! We should also throw in the 2012 3rd round pick in case the Rams get a similar offer from the Browns and/or Redskins.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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