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The Dolphins have finally filled the head coaching position, and there is speculation that Flynn may make his way to Miami via Free agency. During his press conference our new head coach said he would take us back our winning tradition, but he also said he would not take The Packers playbook put it on the table and say "this is what were going to run", I've read articles that Phillbin may want to install the west coast offense in Miami. This year with DaBoll as our offensive coordinator our offense seemed to be a bit explosive with lots of 20+ yard plays which was quite impressive.

I know many of you guys would like DaBoll to stay including me, with two offensive masterminds and a stud Quarterback we would rise to new levels. A west coast spread offense hybrid would be a great way to bring Miami back to the forefront of the days of Marino, but this time it would be backed up by top 10 defensive unit, which lacks in the turnover department. IMO we shouldn't draft a right tackle, I know there will be many to disagree but what I'm going to post I hope we can come to terms on some sort of agreement.

John Jerry at his few starts at right tackle has show a bit of promise anchoring that side. But the truth behind it is he was a right tackle in college and got moved to guard coming into the league, and most of us believe he was not the answer at right guard as he was terrible pulling. There is another x-factor that could play into the answer at right tackle, Lyndon Murtha looked decent at the left tackle position, but looked to be more suited on the other side. With that being said we should have competition between Jerry and Murtha and go from there as one of the two could very well be the answer.

Jeff Ireland said he would" acquire the pieces to help", say if Justin Blackmon were to fall down to our 8th overall pick. The question here is " Do we take him?". The answer is yes because we could use a player of his caliber in a west coast offense a receiver that can take it the distant that is very talented, and quarterback friendly. Put him opposite of Marshall with Bess in the slot would make one of our receivers expendable.Another thing we need is a big addition to our Tight-end's, as Fasano disappeared throughout the first half of the season only to turn it on towards the end. There's been speculation that the Packers are not willing to franchise Jermichael Finely who could be a huge addition to our team, 4yr 28mill 12guaranteed could be in the price range of Finley. Imagine the defense having to scheme for Marshall, Blackmon, Finley, and Bess. This would open lots of running room for Reggie Bush to capitalize on.

Many are gonna say I'm giving up on Charles Clay but the reality is I'm not there are gonna be tons of opportunities for him to carry the ball and catch it out of the backfield not mention split out wide along with being the 3rd tight-end on our depth chart. The rest of our picks could be used fill positions of need such as a pass rushing linebacker. Three guys that could be on our radar with our 2nd round pick.

Nick Perry

Vinny Curry

Bruce Irvin

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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