Beware of Fools Gold: Bill Polian

Voice in my Head(may also be the voice of Dolfans who share this opinion): Did you hear that Bill Polian just got fired

Patssuck, who is now questioning his sanity upon learning he has a voice in his head: Yes and WHO THE F***


Voice in My Head: You should know who I am, I'm the voice that told you your dog was looking at you weird when you got blazed last tuesday.

Patssuck: OH Man I got so high that night...but why do you sound like Tyler Durden

Voice in My Head: Oh that just the way you imagined a split personality would sound like.

Patssuck: How do you know that and I dont?

Voice in my Head: It has to do with your subconscious or something like that, it would take too long to explain, but thats not why I'm here, I think the Dolphins should hire Bill Polian and I am going to tell you why.

Patssuck: I am going to tell you thats not a good idea.

ViMH: Here is Premise #1:

Bill Polian built one of the most dominant teams of the 1990s; The Buffalo Bills.

He convinced Jim Kelly to play for Buffalo, he brought in Marv Levy, he drafted Thurman Thomas among many other great to solid players, He is one of the reasons Marino never made it back to the superbowl. He was also very sucessful in the CFL.

PS456: The Buffalo Bills teams of the early 90s were dominant teams, but those were the last truly complete teams he has built, and that was a different era in the NFL. Even if it doesn't seem that long ago things have changed, we cant have FO who has an an old school mentality. What worked then, will not work in today's NFL.

ViMH: That may be true, but dont act like he hasn't adapted to today's NFL.

Premise #2: He did lead the Carolina Panthers to the NFCCG in only their second year of existence, thats kind of Florida Miami Marlinsesque. Who wouldn't want a a GM who knows how to buld a great team quickly, we wouldnt have to wait very long to have a dominant football team in Miami again!

PS456: And what did the Panthers accomplish after he left? They were bad to mediocre for years, Hell they weren't that good in Polian's last year there. You cant rely on the "win now" mentality, that ideology has burned us many times before, it is not how you build winning teams, its not how you set up a team for decades of dominance. Look at The Jets, they tried to go all in the past few years and they failed time and time again.


ViMH: Nice dig there

PS456: Well I try.

ViMH: Fine, he did not set up the Panthers for long term success....

Premise #3:

....but look at his most recent work with the Colts, he found another great coach in Dungy, drafted Manning and won a Superbowl with him.

PS456: EXACTLY, Lets really look at what he did with the Colts shall we?

ViMH: Shoot.

PS456: Don't interrupt, anyway lets look at his track record in the 14 years he was with Indy, off the top of my head:

He drafted Manning, Saturday, Wayne, Clark, Freeney, Mathis, "Edge" and Bob Sanders

8 Noticeable players in 14 years, one of which is a hall of famer.

Thats it, his free agency hauls were nothing special and he never found a good replacement for James.

Add to the fact that Sanders was made of glass and Reggie Wayne is nothing without Manning and his track record in Indy doesn't look good. Dungy was a good coach, I give Polian credit for finding both Tony Dungy and Marv Levy.

ViMH: What about Nick Harper, Cato June, Collie and Garcon? And the Rhodes/Addai combo were decent.


1) Harper and June were overrated, they played like ass when Sanders wasnt there/

2) Manning made those WRs, as he did with Reggie Wayne.

3) Decent, as in barely above average.

My last point is the most damning: This year Polian was exposed, Manning got hurt and we all saw how Manning was that team. Any "great picks" were exposed as frauds. Polian failed to get an insurance policy, failed to build around Peyton and failed to get a decent replacement for Dungy.

Oh and lets not forget about the whole cronism thing, with Polian making his kid the GM.

ViMH: Cronyism? We'll we all saw that here with Parcells.

PS456: Indeed. And you my friend are a formidable opponent.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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