My Perfect Offseason

The following is what I would do this offseason if given control of the Franchise...

1. Needs (in no particular order)- QB, RT, WR, FS, DE (4-3), TE, DT, LB

2. I want to let everyone know that I think we should move to a 4-3 defense so please judge all moves from that perspective. I know we have been a very good defense running the 3-4, but in order to be a great 3-4 team, you need that impact NT. Soliai, is not that guy. In 5 years he has totaled 97 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 2 sacks. I know NT isn’t a position that puts up big stats, but I’m sick of giving Soliai huge money for minimal impact. I would much rather reallocate that money to shore up other weaknesses. Another reason I would switch to the 4-3 is because I think a lot of out personnel would fit very well. For example, imagine how dominant Wake would be if we told him he never has to worry about covering another player again and just to concentrate on stopping the run and getting to the QB.

3. Draft

a. 1st round- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor- How did we acquire RGIII you ask? Well, we gave up a lot to move up to #2. I traded this year’s 1st and 2nd pick along with next year’s 1st and 3rd pick. That is a lot to give up, but until a team has a Franchise QB, I believe QB is their biggest need. No more “we’ll wait till next year” or any stop-gap options. It is time to finally go all in for the heir to Marino and RGIII is that guy. Also, getting an up-in-coming coach and getting RGIII at QB will make Miami a place that players want to come to play (similar to the Heat in the NBA). Miami is and should be a destination city and RGIII will help us get to that status, this should help us in Free Agency

b. 3rd round- Due to the move to the 4-3 another pass rusher at DE across from Wake is a huge need. There are a ton of pass rushers projected to go in the 2nd round, a few of them will fall to the early 3rd, so we can get good value by going DE in the 3rd. Just to give you a few possible names: Brandon Lindsey, Shea McClellin, Frank Alexander, and Julian Miller. There are many more and someone will fall, so rather than guess which one, I am just going to say that we take whichever 4-3 DE falls.

c. 4th round- Marcus Forston, DT, The U. The move to the 4-3 also means we will have a need for depth at DT. Forston missed last season with a knee injury which has resulted in a decrease in his draft stock. If the knee checks out, he will be a steal at the beginning of the 4th round.

d. 5th round- Cameron Chism, CB, Maryland- We have a need in the secondary across from Davis. Jimmy Wilson in the slot is solid, but Sean Smith has to improve across from Davis. I like Chism as a prospect he has decent size and good speed. I think he has a lot of potential and could push Smith down the road.

4. Free Agency

a. WR- Pierre Garcon- most of us believe that whoever the new coach is will open up the offense a bit next year (especially if we get RGIII). That means 4-WR sets. Hartline is a decent player, but he doesn’t scare anybody. If we bring in a big- play guy like Garcon (or Meachem), that makes Hartline our #4 receiver. He would be one of the best 4th receivers in the league and will dominate #4 corners. So, I would like a WR with size and some speed across from BM. The good news is that there a ton of free agent WRs that fit that criteria this year. If Garcon passes on Miami I would consider: Robert Meachem, Mario Manningham, Laurent Robinson, Jerome Simpson, Early Doucet, Eddie Royal, and Ted Ginn Jr. (lol… just kidding about that last one)

b. TE- Kellen Davis- Davis is a good TE because he is both a good blocker and a receiver. He receiving numbers look terrible, but that is because the Bears have no idea how to use TEs (just look at how they wasted Olsen all those years). Davis is a great redzone target due to his size and he was starting to become more involved in the passing game before Cutler got injured. He will come very cheap and would provide RGIII with a good safety valve. Another option is Fred Davis who just put up a great year with the Redskins. I would rather get Fred Davis over Kellen, but we may not be able to afford him while leaving enough flexibility to make other moves. Best case senerio is we sign Fred Davis, but I am going to suggest Kellen Davis because it is more realistic. Other TE options include Marcedes Lewis, and John Carlson who should both come cheap after a down years/injuries.

c. G- Jake Scott- I’ve seen many people saying we should go after Carl Nicks and, honestly, idk why. Nicks will command the largest contract ever for a G this offseason, I cannot justify giving him that much money. Jake Scott would be a more fiscally responsible option than Nicks. Scott is a very good and underrated LG. Long, Scott, and Pouncey would give us one of, if not the best left side of the O-Line in the league. Another positive to this move is if frees Incognito up to provide depth. In case of injury, Incognito could fill in at all 3 interior positions and give us very solid play.

d. DE- Robert Mathis- Although I have us drafting a DE in the 3rd, we still need a starter. The most intriguing option here is Robert Mathis. I know he was pissed at the Colts because they gave Freeney an extension and didn’t give him one. That along with his age and the year the Colts just had could mean Mathis could be had pretty cheap. I know that he is already 30, but he is still an impact player that will draw attention away from Wake for a season or two. Mathis is an impact veteran that will buy us some time to develop a young player behind him. An alternative to Mathis is Jeremy Mincey, a 28 year old who just had a pretty good season with the Jags. I would like to say we should sign Cliff Avril, but he will cost way too much money and I am trying to be realistic.

e. Linebacker- Gary Guyton- Guyton is a guy people have been talking about on this site and, like a lot of you, I like him. He is very good in coverage and could play both inside and outside linebacker. We could have Misi in the game on running downs and bring in Guyton on passing downs. Guyton should come cheap as well.

f. FS- Michael Griffin- This is the guy who will cost the most. He is a very good safety who would allow us to shore up that huge hole next to Bell at FS. Griffin is good in coverage, makes a lot of tackles, and forces turnovers. Sounds perfect. He could be the player that moves our defense into that elite category. If Griffin costs too much or he doesn’t like Miami, other options include: Dashon Goldson, Charles Godfrey, and Thomas DeCoud. All 4 players would be an improvement at FS.

5. Other

a. Move Cameron Wake to DE

b. Move Randy Starks and Jared Odrick to DT

c. Move Kevin Burnett to ROLB- I think he has the size and athleticism to play outside.

d. Move John Jerry to RT- I really like what I saw out of Jerry at the end of last season when he filled in for Long and think he is the answer to our hole at RT.

e. Let Paul Soliai walk (or try to get something for him in a trade)

f. Try to get something for Langford in a trade. I love Langford and would hate to trade him, but he wouldn’t fit our new defense. He has value so trading him is better than letting him walk for nothing.

Possible Depth Chart

QB- RGIII, Matt Moore

RB- Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Lex Hilliard

FB- Charles Clay

TE- Kellen Davis (FA), Anthony Fasano

WR- Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates

WR- Pierre Garcon (FA), Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates

WR- Devon Bess, Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates

LT- Jake Long, Nate Gardner

LG- Jake Scott (FA), Richie Incognito

C- Mike Pouncey, Richie Incognito

RG- Vernon Carey, Richie Incognito

RT- John Jerry, Nate Gardner

DE- Robert Mathis (FA), 3rd round pick

DT- Randy Starks, Tony McDaniel, Marcus Forston

DT- Jared Odrick, Tony McDaniel, Marcus Forston

DE- Cameron Wake, 3rd round pick

LOLB- Koa Misi, Gary Guyton (FA)

MLB- Karlos Dansby, Gary Guyton (FA)

ROLB- Kevin Burnett, Gary Guyton (FA)

CB- Vontae Davis, Jimmy Wilson, Nolan Carroll

FS- Michael Griffin (FA), Chris Clemons

SS- Yeremiah Bell, Reshad Jones

CB- Sean Smith, Jimmy Wilson, Nolan Carroll

If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading. Please comment because I would like to hear people opinions. Also, if you like what I’m saying (or feel sorry for me), please Rec so it can stay near the top and more people can read it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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