Power Ranking the NFL QBs 2.0



Now that the regular season is over, I wanted to take another look at the current starting quarterbacks around the NFL. I did one of these in the beginning of the season, and it was very successful. I wanted to take another look and see where the NFL stands now, QB wise. This listing only shows QB's that started the team's last game (week 17 or playoff). Due to this, players such as Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub are not listed. Now that the disclaimers are over, lets get to it

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB) - previously 2nd - It was between Rodgers and Brees for the first spot. I chose Rodgers because of his mobility and relative youth. He is the clear leader of the super bowl winning team, and one of the best in the game. He has led his team to almost perfection and will continue to be the best in the game

2. Drew Brees (NO) - previously 3rd - After an up and down career in San Diego, he found some stability with the Saints, and proceeded to lift the city out of the slump created by Hurricane Katrina and win the super bowl. Brees' smarts and accuracy have led him to beat Marino's record and take his place among the greatest of all time.

3. Tom Brady (NE) - previously 1st - Brady is no longer number 1, there is a new king in town. Brady is till one of the best in the game and is a QB to be feared. He shows poise in the pocket, good arm strength and pinpoint accuracy. he is starting to get up there in age, which is also attributing to his drop.

4. Eli Manning (NYG) - previously 10th - Eli Manning has truly taken the next step this year. Whether it is because he isn't stuck in the shadow of his brother, or if he just has some recievers that can actually catch. Whatever it is, he is now among the NFL's elite QBs. Eli is good at sensing the run, adapting, and delivering tight, accurate passes. He has also gotten rid of his interception problem from last year.

5. Matthew Stafford (DET) - previously 13th - Stafford has proved to the NFL that he is a great QB. Despite being injured previous years, he has come back to take his place among the top QBs. He has led the Detroit team very far, and they would have gone farther if they didn't play in the same division as Green Bay and played someone other the New Orleans. Stafford has a very bright future, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him rise even further.

6. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) - previously 5th - Roethlisberger is the prototype qb of this decade. Big, strong-armed, accurate, mobile enough to extend the play, hard to hit, plays while injured. He has won multiple SBs, but is sometimes overrated because of all of the help he has recieved from his amazing defense.

7. Phillip Rivers (SD) - previously 4th - Despite an ugly release, Rivers is one of the most accurate qbs in the game. He makes the Chargers contenders every year. He makes good decisions and is a stable leader for the team to look up to. Rivers dropped his ranking this year a lot with a very poor year in a year where many qb's were having great years. His previous success is what has him this high right now.

8. Matt Ryan (ATL) - no change - After Vick's arrest, the Falcons team was left without a stable qb situation, and they drafted Matt Ryan to solve that issue. Ryan is a quiet star, and he is defined by his calmness in tense situations, earning him the nickname "Matty Ice." ATL looks to him to lead them on to multiple SB runs in the future. Ryan's stock dropped a bit because of the embarrassing loss to New York, but is still a great QB

9. Cam Newton (CAR) - previously 18th – Newton is already among the best in the NFL and has proved to be a great successor to Jake Delhomme's throne. Newton is playiing simply electric. He is ginding ways to score, whether running , or passing. He still struggles to take snaps under center, but he doesn't need to as he takes most snaps in shotgun anyways.

10. Michael Vick (PHI) - previously 6th - Vick continues to show why he is the most electric qb in the league. His speed makes the entire D confused and allows him to take apart even the best coverages. He is at the bottom end of the top 10 because he tucks and runs too much and is frequently injured because of this. After being injured for much of the season, it is turning into a huge concern with him, especially as he is getting up there in age.

11. Matt Hasselbeck (TEN) - previously 23rd – Hasselbeck has played much better than expected for the Titans, showing that he still has some fuel left in the tank. A lot of people said he wouldn't be able to have another good year,but he has proven them all wrong, almost leading the titans to the playoffs.

12. Joe Flacco (BAL) - previously 9th - Flacco had a chance to use this year to push himself into eliteness. He failed, and still remains a mere game manager. Flacco's strong arm manages a great team that looks poised to make a run now and more in the future, a future with Flacco at the helm only if he can take the reins of the team.

13. Andy Dalton (CIN) - previously 27th – Dalton is showing how he may be the perfect replacement for Palmer in Cincinnati. He had a great season, and is the franchise qb for Bengals as of now. He choked a bit in the playoffs, but should come back in a big way with a better team next year as they add another good runningback to take pressure off of his shoulders.

14. Tony Romo (DAL) - previously 16th – Romo is still a great qb, despite his team not making the playoffs. Romo needs to perform better in clutch situations, but he has all of the passing ability in the world. The cowboys should be poised to make a wildcard run next year with a better team.

15. Tim Tebow (DEN) - If you want an analysis, watch espn's NFL live, he is all they talk about, I have nothing to add.

16. Alex Smith (SF) - previously 19th – San Fran has surprised everyone this past year, and Smith is finally looking like the QB they drafted him to be. Smith rarely makes mistakes and manages the game well for the 49rs. I do think they will be big players for Peyton Manning should he be available,and Manning would lead them to the big game.

18. Josh Freeman (TB) - previously 11th - Freeman's situation was much like Flacco's this year. He should have built upon his monster year last year and gotten himself into the top 10, but he has managed to have a very bad year, which dropped his stock significantly

19. Matt moore (MIA) - Moore had to step in for an injured henne. Moore has performed admirably, putting together some great numbers. Moore should enter next season as the starter, but he will be on a very short leash. Moore is a game manager though, and that is his future if he stays the starter.

20. Kyle Orton (KC) - After being picked up by the chiefs due to Cassel's injury and Palko's suck, Orton has put together a solid end to his year. If he is resigned, he should be able to compete with cassel for the starting spot next year.

The Rest:

21. Carson Palmer (OAK)

22. Christian Ponder (MIN)

23. Mark Sanchez (NYJ)

24. John Skelton (PHO)

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF)

26. Tarvaris Jackson (SEA)

27. Blaine Gabbert (JAX)

28. Rex Grossman (WSH)

29. Seneca Wallace (CLE)

30. Josh McCown (CHI)

31. Dan Orlovsky (IND)

32. Kellen Clemens (STL)

Thanks for reading, please leave feedback in the comment section below.

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