Why Miami Dolphin's Chances Of Getting RGIII Is Better Than You Think



I believe that a majority if not all Miami fans agree that the Dolphin's need to become serious about their QB situation. Enough is enough and Miami needs to go all in on a QB and settle this once and for all. Although I do like Nick Foles in the second round we can not take chances on late round QB's anymore. We need to take a chance on a QB in the first round because to be completely honest it is embarrassing in how our QB situation has been handled over time since Marino.

Back on topic, sorry I went off on a tangent on how the QB situation has been handled. It just drives me crazy. Miami I believe has better chance to get RGIII than most people believe and I will explain further.

First I will list teams that might be aiming for a QB in first round:

Miami Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts

Washington Redskins

Seattle Seahawks

Cleveland Browns

Their our others but none I believe that will be going for a QB in first round or willing to trade up.

Scenarios that I believe will happen:

Indianapolis Colts- Everybody knows who they will be taking here, Andrew Luck.

St. Louis Rams- I believe this is the spot that will be traded. Reasons why, well 1. Jeff Fisher will want to rebuild team to the way he wants so Rams will need a quantity of draft picks. 2. Even though Fisher is not high on Sam Bradford he wouldn't draft RGIII and start a QB controversy in year one. 3. I do not believe Matt Kalil will be taken here as their our many quality tackles in this draft, Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin, Zebrie Sanders. 4. If Fisher is looking for a weapon for Bradford than Michael Floyd should still be available were the Dolphins draft or Alshon Jeffrey might even slide to them.

Washington Redskins- The number 2 consensus to get RGIII other than Cleveland. Well lets look at the man in charge Mike Shanahan. Mike loves his veterans and we have seen this in the past Jake Plummer and Bubby Brister. When he has drafted QBs it was late in third round with Brian Griese. Not to mention the rumblings suggesting Dan Snyder is getting impatient with Mike. With all these factors in affect Mike does not have time to draft and groom QB, they will get another veteran and that veteran will be Matt Flynn. Look for a ridiculous contract like the one of Albert Haynesworth got from Washington. I am not saying same money or years but a contract that will surprise you like the Hayneswotrh one did. I can see Alshon Jeffrey drafted here to give Flynn a weapon.

Seattle Seahawks- I believe Pete Carrol loves RGIII but there is now way Fisher is trading out of the Top 10 unless it is a ridiculous offer. I do not believe Seattle has enough to offer. I can see Carrol reaching for Tannehill. They can not continue with their current QB situation.

Cleveland Browns- The number 1 consensus to get RGIII. I believe Mike Holmgren has not given up on Colt McCoy yet:

Browns President Mike Holmgren said he "loves" McCoy, "thinks he can be the franchise quarterback", but isn't "ready to anoint him yet", according to the Browns' official site.

Whether this is smoke and mirrors or not I do believe Mike believes in McCoy still because he did show some promise when Peyton Hillis was giving Colt a rush game. That is why the Browns will select Trent Richardson or give McCoy a weapon in Justin Blackmon. Holmgren will make this the year for McCoy to prove he is the one. Cleveland will also use both first round picks because lets face it the Browns need help on both sides, not to trade up for one player.

Miami Dolphins- So now that leaves Miami. Miami has been QB starved for a while now and it is time. Ross messed up twice with coaches and he has to be embarrassed he will look to make a splash to redeem himself and he will get Ireland to do whatever to get RGIII. Ross wants somebody that will put people in the seats and a player that is exciting well does RGIII sound anymore like a perfect fit. That is why I believe we will get a HC that is offensive minded to help with QB grooming and I hope that HC is Chud because we saw what he did with Newton and it was promising.

This is why Miami's chances of getting RGIII is better than you think. RGIII will be a Miami Dolphin and even if RGIII does not workout at least Miami finally took a shot at a QB in the first round.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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