Back to the Future: Why the Dolphins do not need a QB in Round 1 this year.

I love this blog, but have not really commented much, choosing to just soak in all of your fine opinions. But the 'debate' about the direction for the Dolphins to take in the coming months mostly centers on getting our qb of the future. In my opinion, there is one main external factor that is pushing the majority Dol-fans to feel like this is the only way to return to glory:

The history, legacy, and shadow of Dan Marino

This is engraved in the psyche of Miami fans, and manifests itself in cooler comments like, "We should still run Marino out there" or "If only we could have given him a defense". I was 9 when Marino retired, and for me the Marino legend might be even bigger than those who saw him consistently throughout the 80's and 90's. Don't get me wrong, my Danny Boy signed hat (caught him at the NFL Today in NYC) is probably my most treasured possession. But the fact that the franchise's last 3 decades is summed up in one player, directs our attention to replacing that entity with more of the same.

Fast forward to April. Most feel that we should be going after Robert Griffin III or even the man-child Weeden. I am here to tell you that the Dolphins franchise is blinding you to reality. Trading away our draft to get RGIII would excite our base, would fill our stadium, but would guarantee no more wins or success. Let's break it down like this:

-Matt Moore was a good QB by the end of 2011. He seldom threw interceptions, he had a connection with our million dollar receiver (and with our TE/FB hybrid - watch out for a new position!), and he beat the JETS.

hmmm, okkk...

-Drafting a rookie qb, we would be forced to say that the connection to Marshall and others would "take time". Does anyone know when Brandon Marshall's contract is up? Is he going to stay once it is done? Remember when we did not have a WR too... (1-15)

- Drafting a rookie qb, we would be forced to say that turnovers were part of a 'learning curve' yet the alternative (Moore) showed he would limit them.

-Drafting a rookie qb, most say that it takes 3-4years for them to reach their potential (Brees). Is Yeremiah Bell going to be here? Karlos Dansby's contract is up then. Our defense that proved to be one of the best in the league will disinitigrate. Remember when we had a great defense and a turnover happy offense (Jay. Fiedler.)

-I know there are rookie wage scales now, but it is still a lot of money at #2 or 3

-We already know we cannot replicate the 'hot streak' of last season. But we know these players found a recipe for success. With change inevitable with new coaching, more change is not better. We still have all those same players. Do we want another 0-7 start as they 'find themselves'?

Sure I get the gamble, but with the players we have, we are like a puzzle missing pieces. Drafting RGIII would be like wiping the table off and starting to play Jenga. And yes, it is a passing league now, and franchise qbs seem to have more success. But the missing point is you never truly know where that qb is: (Brady: 5th, Brees: 2, Rodgers: Late 1).

Now I am not a man of complaining, so I offer this as an alternative. Draft Reiff and place him at RT. Use the draft picks after to draft a DE/DT, TE, S. Picks we wouldn't have with RGIII. Solidified line means a serious run threat next year with a healthy Thomas and Bush. And plenty of time for play action passes for Moore. Moore is not the QB of the future, but neither was Dilfer, Johnson, Delhomme, Warner..ect. They were just what their teams needed to win. And got something that Danny never could.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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