How much should we dislike Ireland? Take a look...

Ireland is not the problem. Quick background: Ireland is the stepson of College Football Hall of Famer E. J. Holub, who played center and linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Texans. Ireland is also the grandson of Jim Parmer, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and was a personnel executive for the Chicago Bears.
Anyone that has been around football, high-level football, for his entire life, knows a lot about the game. More than you or I.

He has hit on some really good draft picks and solid on others. And of course missed a few. I will say this, in his first “final-say-having” draft, it looks pretty GD good to me after year 1. Let’s take a quick look-see:

1. Pouncey – Future Pro Bowler and my vote for best lineman this season.
2. Thomas – Everyone can see how fast/quick/hard he hits the hole. He’s 8yds upfield before anyone touches him… if he can only stay healthy (and hold onto the ball).
3. No pick, traded up into 2nd to get Thomas.
4. Gates – obviously was a project and already beginning to have impact. Dude can fly.
5. Clay – another great pick for the 5th round. We’ve all seen what this guy can do.
6. Kearse – (Frank) but maybe they thought he was related to Jevon. (or maybe he is!)
7. Wilson – The only thing this guy is murdering are opposing wideouts.

I would also say that his FA acquisitions have been nearly fantastic? Let’s list them, starting with his most current and most power-wielding season:
1. Reggie Bush – Enough said.
2. Kevin Burnett – Showed what he can do during our 6-3 finish.
3. Matt Moore – He’s more of a gamer than Chad Henne. Not to mention playing for a new contract next year.
4. Jason Taylor – Ireland’s call to bring him back to walk off into the sunset as a Dolphin.
5. Karlos Dansby – 2 years ago, I know. But D & B will wreak havoc for a few years in the middle of the field for our D.
6. Paul Soliai – yeah, Franchise tag. Too much money but it also kept us out of a long-term deal if we want to go to a 4-3 or just find him replaceable in general. Maybe smarter move than you thought, eh?
7. That’s all I can think of right now as being major…but good Lord, not bad!

1. Stupid effing question to Dez. Flat-out dumb. Unless… he was trying to be a dick; in that case…well done.
2. He kinda looks like a d-bag, doesn’t he?
3. Mark Columbo.


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