Va FinFan's Total Mock Offseason 2.0

In the mock I posted yesterday I put the idea of trading Long to go up in the draft. I then read people’s comments and I started thinking that it’s pretty stupid to get a rid of a guy you got with the first pick and is probably the best offensive lineman when healthy. Let’s hope he can get healthy this offseason. So this post just a couple fixes in it from last time.

I know the draft is still a couple months away, so I'll probably make a new one in a couple months. But this is my general idea of what I think Miami should do this off-season.

Head Coach

I think Miami needs a veteran head coach. Not somebody that is almost dead at 70 like Tom Coughlin but somebody in their 50's who has coaching experience and has had success. I think Miami is too close to the next level to bring in somebody who has never had to make a game plan, roster decisions, etc. We have brought in 3 consecutive coaches who lack NFL HC experience: Tony Sparano, Cam Cameron, and Nick Saban. We have learned from our mistakes and with that being said our 2012 head coach is:

Jeff Fisher


This is a reasonable idea. Fisher is itching to get back into coaching. Bill Cowher will probably stay at his current less stressful job or go to a more enticing place like the Giants or Chargers (If they do happen). Fisher I think would be a good fit for this team. With Mike Nolan maybe leaving for a contender and Fisher running a 4-3, he could transition us well into that scheme. He is a player's coach and players play hard for him. Please watch this video from ESPN because it shows Fisher's sense of humor and how he can rally the players around him.

Soft Knocks (via clesports1)


He is a former defensive back of the Chicago Bears, so he can relate to players better then others. (Did you know Fisher's career ended as a Bear after being tackled by Philadelphia Eagle linebacker Bill Cowher on a punt return?) He has been coaching since 1985 and has 16 years of head coaching experience. He has been to the playoffs six times, including two AFC championship games and one yard away from maybe being a Superbowl champion. He is only 53 years old and is 146-120 as a head coach.


Fisher runs a 4-3 scheme that wants to make sure it stops the run first. Miami has the players to easily transition into the 4-3. Randy Starks, a former Titan draft pick in 2004 to play DT, goes back to his old position he played under Fisher. Jared Odrick was 4-3 DT at PSU and had 7 sacks his senior season. Those two I start at DT and have McDaniel as a backup. Wake would have no trouble playing as a 4-3 DE, as he already plays with a hand on the ground. Misi played DE in college and had 5 sacks his senior season, so I see him as a backup at that position with a free agent starting there. Dansby plays MLB as Fisher forms him into his Keith Bulluck. Burnett takes one of the OLB spots with a soon-to-be named rookie on the opposite side. Davis and Smith stay at CB and Bell plays as the team's SS for one more season, until we draft Ray Ray Armstrong next year to go along with our free agent free safety.

Drafting Ability:

Who knows if Ireland or Fisher will do the drafting for Miami. I think Fisher will have a bigger role in it. Floyd Reese served as the general manager of the Titans until 2006, where he got into an argument with owner Bud Adams on the direction of the team (Adams forced drafting Vince Young). Following the 2006 season, Reese resigned and Fisher took over the drafts. Lets see how he did from 2007-2010:

First Round:

Other Notable Picks:

  • 2007 4th Round: Leroy Harris, OG NC State (Starting LG)
  • 2007 6th Round: Jacob Ford, DE Central Arkansas (15.5 sacks in 3 seasons)
  • 2007 7th Round: Michael Otto, RT Purdue (Backup RT as 7th round pick)
  • 2008 2nd Round: Jason Jones, DT E. Michigan (15.5 sacks in 4 seasons as DT)
  • 2009 2nd Round: Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn (Starting DT)
  • 2009 3rd Round: Jared Cook, TE South Carolina (700 yards and 3 TDs this season)
  • 2009 6th Round: Jason McCourty, CB Rutgers (Starting CB)
  • 2010 3rd Round: Damian Williams, WR USC (#2 WR with 600 yards and 5 TDs)
  • 2010 7th Round: Marc Mariani, KR/PR (3 returns for TDs in two years)

As you can see, in his limited time drafting, Fisher has made good use of his first round picks and finding gems in various rounds. This I feel will help our team out long-term, as we have never really made good use of most of our picks in the last decade.


(Note: I haven't really gotten into looking at players in other rounds so I'm just going to list the postion for the 4th-7th rounds because I don't know the value of later players and I would just be guessing)

First Round:

Trade! Miami Dolphins trade the 9th overall pick to the St. Louis Rams (Colts have first and select Luck) for the 2nd overall pick. The Rams receive the 8th overall pick, the 2012 2nd round pick, The 2012 4th round pick, the 2013 1st round pick and the 2013 2nd round pick.

With the 2nd pick in the 2011 draft, the Miami Dolphins select:


Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor

With Luck off the board to Indy and Manning on his way to Washington, Miami gets in front of the Browns, who Mike Holmgren said this week he's impressed with. Stephen Ross wants to sell tickets. Jeff Ireland wants to save his job (He might not have a big role with Fisher in town but I believe he stays). Draft a QB, get a fan-base excited, and get everyone off your back temporarily. If drafting an explosive Heisman winner doesn't do that then I don't know what will. Ireland is a Baylor alumni and probably has been paying close attention to their games. He sees the accuracy and the arm he has, not to mention the scrambling ability. The Rams get their extra picks for rebuilding and trade back for Alshon Jeffery.

I think Fisher would also want to get RGIII. The Titans drafted a QB named Steve McNair (RIP), also known as "Air McNair" because of his arm. He had some scrambling ability, but nothing like Griffin. Fisher also didn't start McNair right away. He had him sit behind Chris Chandler, who is a lot like Matt Moore in my opinion. In 1995 he had 17 TDs and 10 INTs and a 89.8 passer rating while McNair watched from the sidelines. McNair would later overtake Chandler in December of 1996 and paved his way to a great career.

Fisher knows the importance of the QB position, as he has drafted two QBs in the top 5 of his coaching career. Vince Young had all the potential in the world but was too crazy in the head and Bud Adams forced that pick on the Titans. There is absolutely no character concerns for RGIII and we hopefully solidify the position for 10+ years.

Third Round:


Sean Spence, LB Miami

With the newly acquired 4-3 Miami needs one more LB to go with Burnett and Dansby. We acquire one of the most instinctive linebackers in the whole draft from the U, Sean Spence. Spence is the captain of the Miami defense and has had two straight seasons with over 100 tackles. He is a little undersized but has the speed and instincts to make up for it. He drops back with ease and reacts well to throws. He would fit in perfectly with Dansby and Burnett as a weak-side LB in the 4-3 scheme, something he already has experience with. Watch this video, which doesn’t even have his senior season, and it's hard to not like how he plays linebacker. (Especially at 1:18)

Sixth Round:

OT. This guy will battle Murtha and Jerry for the RT spot

Seventh Round:

OG. This just a pick for depth, something we really lacked in 2011.

Free Agency:

With Soliai not being resigned (due to us being a 4-3) and Carey and Colombo leaving (drops 4 million) Miami now has about 28 million in cap space to work with after the draft. Miami has a lot of flexibility and these are the players I would like to be signed.

(Note: I didn't go after a WR because Hartline is a good possession receiver that will see his stats improve with a QB who throws a great deep ball. Moore has a good one, but RGIII has an elite one. Not to mention Gates will have a bigger role and Wallace and Moore will continue to develop. There are greater needs then at WR.)


Carl Nicks, OG

Miami goes after the best lineman in free agency and gives them probably the best interior line in football with Nicks at LG, Pouncey at C, and Incognito at RG. He pass blocks well and steamrolls kids on running plays. He is only 26 years old, giving us a lot more youth than Carey did. New Orleans already gave Jahri Evans the biggest contract EVER for a guard last year at 7 years, 56.5 million dollars. Why would they give another huge contract to another guard when they can use that money on Drew Brees, Robert Meachem, Marques Colston,Tracy Porter, Shaun Rogers, or Aubrayo Franklin? Reggie Bush hits up his boy and this deal gets done. 6 years 50 million for Nicks' signature.


Cliff Avril, DE

This is Miami's most important signing of the offseason. Did you see the difference between the first half and second half in week 16 vs. the Patriots? PRESSURE. Give him no time to throw and he is an average QB. Give him some time and he is a HOFer. And with JT retiring and Misi showing he can't be a starting pass rusher we NEED another rusher opposite of Wake.

This guy is a BEAST and Miami should look to go after him in there new 4-3 scheme. The Dolphins would have two reliable pass rushers on the outside in Avril and Wake. He has 11 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, and an interception for a TD this season, so he's not going to come cheap. But he fits in the "Jevon Kearse" mold for Fisher in Tennessee and would make turnovers come a lot easier with less time for QBs to throw. Since he's only 26, and Babin just signed a 5 year 28 million dollar contract, I'm giving Avril a 6 year 32 million dollar contract.


Michael Griffin, FS

Reshad Jones has shown he is not ready to be a starting free safety in this league yet (Might be a SS). Miami desperately needs a play-maker in the secondary and they get Fisher's former first round draft pick Michael Griffin. He's only 26 and is having a little bit of a down year with only two interceptions, but has had as many as 7 in a season (That's more than Yeremiah Bell has for his CAREER). He is a great talent who is reunited with his former coach. Eric Weddle received a 5 year 40 million dollar contract and I'm giving Griffin a little bit less at 6 years 36 million dollars.

Resign Key Players

With our leftover money we should resign a couple key players that might become more expensive next year.


Cameron Wake, OLB (Now DE)

That is Cam Wake thanking Ross for his new contract. He doesn't have a ton of sacks like in 2010, but I expect that to change with his new best friend in town, who will give him fewer double teams. He is an amazing run defender, which Fisher wants in his defense. Since he's about to be 30 I'm only giving him a 2 year extension but adding 7 million a year to it, so his new contract is 3 years and about 15 million.


Brandon Fields, Future NFL MVP

That's right, I'm giving Brandon Fields a new contract as well. He's only signed through the 2012 season like Wake and has been one of the few bright spots throughout the whole season. He plays a key role in pinning opponents inside their 20 and is able to flip the field with a single kick. Sign him to a 4 year extension with about $2 million (IDK Lol) per year.


If Miami did this they would have a very productive off season. You may say some of this is far-fetched but almost all mocks are. And I went with positions of need in free agency and the draft, not Philadelphia Eagle status on you guys signing luxury players. We still have a little more cap room to sign any back ups and leave room to resign players next year, like Vontae Davis, Jake Long, and/or Reggie Bush. Miami gets an experienced coach who has playoff experience and players like him.

We finally acquire our first round QB we've waiting for since 1984, and hopefully he turns into a franchise QB like the last one. Our line would be improved, looking something like Long-Nicks-Pouncey-Incognito-Murtha and will give great protection to our new QB. Our defense is beast, with Avril-Starks-Odrick-Wake on the line with Spence-Dansby-Burnett behind them. With the new pass rush (and less time for QBs to throw) we added a ballhawking safety our new coach drafted 4 years ago. Things are looking bright if we did this.
Thanks for reading and tell me what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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