Phin Wars: Prelude to a Battle Pt. 2

     If you missed part 1, we got inside the mind of one of our enemies, Rexa the Hutt. It wasn't pretty, but it had to be done. In order for you all to complete your training we must uncover the secrets behind Darth Hoody and the Death Star. I have done some reconnaissance and this is what I discovered. Welcome to phase II of your rigorous training.

*Reconnaissance report*

Week 1: A brief history (from pull ups to pullovers)

     Darth Hoody was born in Nashville, Tenn. but was raised in Annapolis, Maryland. His father was an assistant mentor for the U.S. Naval Academy football squad. Hoody got his first head mentoring job in 1991 with the Browns, which lasted five years, including only one winning record. There was a fire lit under his robe after his tenure with Cleveland. At this point he began his plans to build the Death Star.

     From 1997-1999 he worked tirelessly to perfect his design as D.C. for the Jets. By 2000, he presented his blueprints to General Kraft and consequently was handed the keys to the soon-to-be-built Death Star. We all know what followed the 2000 campaign. The completion of the Death Star rendered a mere 4 AFC Championships and 3 Superbowl victories, all in one decade. The force is strong with this one, as he learned the ways of the dark side, under Darth Tuna, an old sith legend. The dark side will do whatever it takes to win, even cheat. To quote the wise Jedi F18 "If into the game tape recordings you go, only pain will you find."

Week 2: Darth Hoody schematics

     He is Rexa the Hutt's polar opposite. Hoody says as little as possible to the media but manages to be effective when he does speak. Short and to the point is his modus operandi. His apprentices tend to follow that mold and buy into the system. The system developed in N.E. creates an illusion. Average cadets seem to flourish. Many par/sub-par Dolphins that turn to the dark side become better players under Darth Hoody. One might ask "why does this occur"? That would be a wise question to ask. The answer is a Master QB and a great system. 

Week 3: Hoody's tendencies:

Offensively they had a balanced attack last year. 9th ranked rush offense and 11th ranked pass offense. 

2010 defensive stats comparison

                Patriots                                                               Dolphins

YPG: 366.5 NFL rank-25th                           YPG: 309.3 NFL ranked- 6th

Passing YPG: 258.5: NFL rank-30th         Passing YPG: 209.2 NFL rank-8th

Rushing YPG 108: NFL rank-11th             Rushing YPG: 101.1 - NFL rank- 7th 

Sacks forced: 36: NFL rank- 14th               Sacks forced: 39 - NFL rank - 10th

*Pts/Game: 19. 6 - NFL rank- 8th                *Pts/Game: 20.8 - NFL rank - 14th                                      

Notes: Despite one of the worst defensive backfields in the NFL yardage wise, they still managed the NFL's 8th best in points allowed per game with 19.6. This is actually better than the Dolphins who were 6th in YPG and ranked 14th in Pts/game 20.8. What does this mean? They will bend but not break. The Death Star's energy shields will take many hits but it is difficult to penetrate them.

I believe we can expose holes in their young secondary, especially without Meriweather. It is Grand Moff Brady and their "attack mode" that concerns me. Are our shields going to be able to withstand an attack from the Death Star on Monday night? How can we win this battle?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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