After the dust has settled...

...on the last cuts, ps and further roster moves, I'll offer my two cents on this year's dolphins team.

Oh btw: I haven't posted in a while, due to circumstances, so please cut me some slack ;-)

After all, I cannot say I dislike this roster. To wit:

- I can live with W.Allen being cut while Carrol and Wilson made it. Think age, money, durability and, especially, role. Young players can have a role in ST while Allen was not going to help there. Besides, there was a better nickel corner on the roster, Sapp.

- I can live with Polite being cut, although it hurts me from an emotional standpoint. Multiple accounts and evaluations did not hold him in high regard and his role is being phased out from the Offense, if not from every NFL offense.

- LJ was never anything more than a wild card you play to see what happens.

- I can live with Merling still being on the team and not being traded; first we do not know whether the FO ever wanted to trade him, second, next year I think 3 DL contracts will be over (Langford, Starks & Merling), thus we're going to lose some of them. So why part with him now? Better keep him, while on his rookie contract.

- I can also live with 4TE in the roster, although I suspect it may change again = Mastrud being replaced by another OL and stashed on PS.

- I can also live with Edds being cut in place of Spitler. I also had a somewhat surprised reaction but, come to think of it, what does Edds have that Spitler hasn't? Well: draft status, all the rest goes in favour of Spitler: he has earned a role, he's proved he's tough and durable, he put up a respectable body of work. Edds, none of the above, plus he's elegible for PS while Spitler no longer is. Sorry but, once you think it over a second, it seems pretty obvious. I bet Edds is added to PS, if he clears waivers.

- I can even live with Jerry being tried at ROT, after Murtha's injury. IN the last preseason game he had a better outing, and he was playing OT. So maybe there's hope. And don't forget that, if Murtha does not go down, he likely gets cut, so better to have him now.

On the flip side I have got one concern and one regret.

My concern is the Oline: there I really cannot understand what they are trying to do. First, we keep Incognito as a center because it's his original role and he's not good at pulling. Then we draft Pouncey who struggled at center but excelled at G, in college. And then we proceed to swap their positions ... uhm.

Then, with many experienced solid OGs on the market we sign one waived OT, Colombo, while the OT position seemed solid (Long, Carey, Murtha, before IR) ... uhm again. Then we look the Pats sign Waters and we pick up this Cook guy who is dubbed by Minnesota fans 'concrete feet'. Now, I really hope they know what they are doing there because I can make little sense of it.

Eventually one regret is that this team is missing one player: Ricky Williams. Of this, I do not blame the FO but rather the lockout. If Free Agrency had happened before the darft, then we might have had Bush rather soon and that would have increased the chance to re-sign Ricky. Eventually that would have netted us one extra draft pick b/c there wouldn't have been any need to trade up for a RB in the 2nd round. We might have taken a lesser prospect and have him learn behind Ricky and Reggie, for one year or two. Besides, could you imagine a backfield featuring or Ricky or Reggie? Now, I wouldn't want to be that D-coord ... just a fact: Ricky has got 300+ catches in the NFL and 2500+ yds receving.

SO, let's just hope that some of the bad breaks we had these two past years go the right way and we may be in for an interesting and exciting season. And, if that's not the case, all we have got to do, next year, is find a QB.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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