The Week One-drum Conundrum (shut up, i like it)

     The last couple days, all i've been hearing is how a win on Monday over the patsies will mean great things for the season.  The first thing that popped into my head was game 1 of 2008 Vs. the jest.  We lost.  But the suck didnt stop there, we went on to go 2-4 in our first 6 games, then managed to get back to 4-4 by the midway point. 

     So game 1 is no biggie right?  Win.  Lose.  Whatever, theres still plenty of time to get back into it.  Historically, however, thats not the case for the Dolphins. 

     The Miami Dolphins have made 22 playoff appearances, starting in 1970.  Of those 22 appearances, only 5 times have they started the season with a loss.  Once with a tie.  And 16 times with a win.  For this break down, im going to show you the year, game 1 result,  team record through 6 games, and team record after 8 games.  (i know they werent playing a 16 game season back in the day, just go with it)

YEAR                    GAME 1              THROUGH 6             THROUGH 8

1970                       L                             4-2                                 4-4

1971                       T                             4-1-1                              6-1-1

1972                       W                             6-0                                8-0

1973                       W                             5-1                                7-1

1974                       L                              4-2                                6-2

1978                       L                              4-2                               5-3

1981                       W                             4-1-1                            5-2-1

1982                       W                             4-2                               6-2

1983                       W                             3-3                               5-3

1984                       W                             6-0                               8-0

1985                       L                               4-2                              5-3

1990                      W                               5-1                              7-1

1992                      W                               6-0                              6-2

1994                      W                               4-2                              6-2

1995                      W                                4-2                             5-3

1997                      W                                4-2                             5-3

1998                      W                                4-2                             5-3

1999                      W                                5-1                            7-1

2000                      W                                5-1                            6-2

2001                      W                                4-2                            6-2

2008                      L                                 2-4                            4-4

     For those of you who know me on this site, you know im not a numbers guy.  I'm really burning some rubber right here, and i'll probably need a long nap after writing this. 

     But heres what i got: 

    1.The Dolphins have never had a losing record after 8 games during a playoff  year  
     2. Only twice have the Dolphins been at .500 after 8 and made the playoffs ('70, '08)   
    3.  Only once have the Dolphins had a losing record after 6 games and made the playoffs.  
    4.  Only once have the dolphins been at .500 after 6 games and made the playoffs.   
    5.  After 22 runs at the playoffs, 5 of them have begun with a game 1 loss. 

       So after extensive research (about 30 minutes) and lots of writing and number crunching, here is my formula to make the post season.   

 1. 16 of 22  Dolphins playoffs years have began with a Win: Win game 1.  

 2. 1 playoff year had a .500 record after 6 games, 1 had a losing record:  be 4-2 at this point.   

 3. Do not have a losing record after 8 games, no playoff year has ever had a losing record after 8 games, and only 2 have been .500:  be at least 5-3 at this point. 

       Of course there are zillions of other factors, like beating the jest and patsies at least once each, and winning against common opponents, but thats not what this post is about, i'll leave that to you guys in the comments......


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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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