Andrew Luck: The Introduction


As Captain of the Luckfleet and leader of what will soon be the biggest bandwagon in history, I'd like to introduce you all to the man, the myth, and the legend: Andrew Luck. 

For the rest of the season I'm going to be posting weekly or bi-weekly posts about Mr. Luck; including his stats from the week before, comparisons to current and former players, our chances of landing him, how much he would he would help us, etc. For this first installment I would simply just like to go over his brief history, his current stats and show some video of what exactly this guy can do.

Before I begin let me start by saying that this is NOT a Chad Henne debate. Honestly I don't even want his name mentioned because my head is about to explode anyways from the constant dividing opinions of him. Don't worry, sometime in the next few weeks I'll put up an exclusive comparison between Henne and Luck. As most of you know I'm firmly in the "we need a QB upgrade" camp as it is very clear that in today's NFL that playoff and championship hopes rest mostly on who you have behind center. I realize this is a team sport, but in order for a car to reach its potential, it needs a damn good driver

Now enough about the old, let's focus on what could (and hopefully) be new. Let's get started:

Andrew Austen Luck was born on September 12th, 1989 and is the son of former NFL QB Oliver Luck. He was born in D.C. but later moved to Houston, TX (BOOYAH) where he played high school football at Stratford High School. While there he threw for 7,139 yards and 53 touchdowns and rushed for another 2,085 yards. And as if he wasn't awesome enough, Andrew was also co-valedictorian of his graduating class in 2008. 

He was a 4 star recruit out of high school and chose to go to Stanford after being lured there by then head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Luck was highly recruited after high school and chose Stanford over many other schools including Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Purdue and Virginia among many others. 

He redshirted his freshman year at Stanford and in 2009, he won the starting Quarterback job over incumbent Tavita Pritchard. As a result he was the first Stanford freshman QB to win the starting job since Chad Hutchinson did it in 1996.

In a pro style, run oriented offense that also featured current Viking, Toby Gerhart, Luck led the Cardinal to two top ten victories and a spot in that year's Sun Bowl against Oklahoma where they were defeated 31-27. Have a look see at the chart below for his numbers that year:

Season Passing Rushing Total Offense
Comp Att Yds Pct TD Int Rating Att Yds Avg Lng TD Yards
2009 162 288 2,575 56.3% 13 4 143.5 61 354 5.8 31 2 2,929

Pretty Impressive eh? Those are some damn fine numbers for a red shirt freshman playing in a pro style offense; however Luck wasn't about to let that be his ceiling.

In 2010 he returned as the starter, leading the Cardinal to a 12-1 record and a berth in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech. In the 40-12 win, Luck finished 18-23 for 287 with 4 TD's and 1 pick. He was given MVP honors for being such a bad ass. 

At the end of last season Luck led the Pac 10 in pass efficiency for the second straight year with a QB rating of 170.2. In addition he led the Pac 12 10 in total offense, passing yards, and touchdowns. Luck's 3,791 yards of total offense were also a Stanford record, breaking the 3,398 yard record held by former Cardinal QB, Steve Stenstrom. As if that wasn't enough, Andrew set additional Cardinal season records in completion percentage (70.7%) and passer efficiency rating (170.2). Below is another chart for his tremendous 2010 season:

Season Passing Rushing Total Offense
Comp Att Yds Pct TD Int Rating Att Yds Avg Lng TD Yards
2010 263 372 3,338 70.7% 32 8 170.2 55 453 8.2 58 3 3,791

Holy Hell. No wonder he was projected as being the first pick in this past draft and is basically a mortal lock to go first in next year's draft. 

And I can already hear the question, "Well that's great Captain, but how the hell is he doing this year?" Well, I'm glad you asked:

Season Passing Rushing Total Offense
Comp Att Yds Pct TD Int Rating Att Yds Avg Lng TD Yards
2011 (Through 3 games) 57 85 786 67.1% 8 1 173.4 8 47 5.9 15 1 833

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that he's not gonna play himself out of that number 1 pick spot anytime soon. 

Up next are some videos so you can see the greatness with your own eyeballs. Be careful though, the following video may make your eyes explode:



That's all I got for now. Hopefully you watched all 8+ minutes and came away as impressed as I have been with this guy. More discussion, evaluation, and comparison on him will coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned. However if this simple intro has already converted you I urge you to enlist in the LuckFleet by putting as such in your sigs. 

And keep in mind fellas that THIS GUY awaits us at the end if our season is bad enough. Even one of the most crappy seasons we've ever had can turn into total gold at the end. I don't enjoy watching my team lose as much as anyone, but remember, It's all about the silver lining.

-Captain Benjamin "Enhalen" Bacon, Commander of the "Andrew Luck", Flagship of the LuckFleet. 




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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