Power Ranking the NFL Quarterbacks

There have been a lot of harsh feelings on this site lately due to all of the losses. I think we need a break from that where we can discuss and debate without it getting nasty. So, here is my unbiased power rankings for every qb in the NFL with some reasons for why they are there. Also, I decided to add who I believe the team's qb of the future is, and some of these are in the 2012 draft, so I put them where I predict them to land.

1. Tom Brady (NE) - I don't think this is debatable, with Manning gone, Brady is the clear number one and seems like he will stay there. He shows poise in the pocket, good arm strength and pinpoint accuracy. The NE qb of the future is currently Ryan Mallett.

2. Aaron Rodgers (GB) - It was between Rodgers and Brees for the second spot. I chose Rodgers because of his mobility and relative youth. He is the clear leader of the super bowl winning team, and one of the best in the game. The GB qb of the future is still Aaron Rodgers.

3. Drew Brees (NO) - After an up and down career in San Diego, he found some stability with the Saints, and proceeded to lift the city out of the slump created by Hurrican Katrina and win the super bowl. I think the Saints will draft a qb this year, Brees is 32, and they would be well served to have someone in the wings. My prediction - They take Kellen Moore in the late 3rd or 4th. His size difficulties are similar to those of Brees, and Brees could help him overcome that.

4. Phillip Rivers (SD) - Despite an ugly release, Rivers is one of the most accurate qbs in the game. He makes the Chargers contenders every year and this is the year I believe they cross the hump and win it all. He makes good decisions and is a stable leader for the team to look up to. Rivers continues as the SD qb of the future.

5. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) - Roethlisberger is the prototype qb of this decade. Big, strong-armed, accurate, mobile enough to extend the play, hard to hit. He has won multiple SBs, but is held back because of all of the help he has recieved from his amazing defense. He continues as the PIT qb of the future.

6. Michael Vick (PHI) - Vick continues to show why he is the most electric qb in the league. His speed makes the entire D confused and allows him to take apart even the best coverages. He is just below the top 5 because he tucks and runs too much and is frequently injured because of this. Michael Vick is 31, and his playing style will cause him to retire early, so I think the Eagles pick Robert Griffin III in the 3rd. Griffin currently has more TDs (13), than incompletions (12) on the season and is a mobile qb like Vick.

7. Matt Schaub (HOU) - Matt Schaub is the new Pennington. He has a noodle arm, but is very accurate and quietly leads his team. With back to back 4000 yard seasons, he is one of the most underrated players in the league. He continuosly gets the job done and is one of the top qbs. He continues as the future in Houston for now.

8. Matt Ryan (ATL) - After Vick's arrest, the Falcons team was left without a stable qb situation, and they drafted Matt Ryan to solve that issue. Ryan is another quiet star, and he is defined by his calmness in tense situations, earning him the nickname "Matty Ice." ATL looks to him to lead them on to multiple SB runs in the future.

9. Joe Flacco (BAL) - It was a four way tie between Flacco, Freeman, Stafford and Fitzpatrick for this spot. Flacco earns it because he has the most starting experiance and has been regarded as great for a longer time than the rest of them. Flacco's strong arm manages a great team that looks poised to make a run now and more in the future, a future with Flacco at the helm.

10. Eli Manning (NYG) – "The other Manning," Eli, is a good, consistent qb, he has led them to a SB victory, and continues to make them playoff contenders. His biggest flaw is his tendency to throw picks. This has always held him out of the top 5, and until he overcomes this, he won’t be as great as his brother.

11. Josh Freeman (TB) - Freeman might screw everything up for himself this year, but earns this spot for now after his monster year last year. He leads a young team on the brink of being a SB contender. Freeman seems the most likely to be the next Manning or Brady.

12. Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF) - He has gone from zero to hero for the Bills. He went from a backup afterthought to one of the men responsible for the Bills' miraculous undefeated record (so far). Fitz is still young and has his best days ahead of him. It looks as if the Bills are returning to their glory days, and Fitz is leading them.

13. Matthew Stafford (DET) - After being injured the last two seasons, this is his last chance to porve he can stay healthy, which is why he is ranked below Fitz. He is a good qb for a good, up and coming team.

14. Sam Bradford (STL) – Bradford came into the league last year, and immediately took over the Rams, they were one game away from the postseason and Bradford will continue to develop into a great qb.

15. Jay Cutler (CHI) – Cutler has the strongest arm in the league, yet is not emotionally strong enough to be a top qb. I don’t think he ever will be. At 28, he will not improve much and I think he will show this year hy the Bears may start looking for a replacement, who they find in the second round by the name of Kirk Cousins.

16. Tony Romo (DAL) – Romo continues to show how he is a good qb, until crunch time comes, he is not clutch at all and, at 31, will show why the Cowboys may need a replacement. Their qb of the future comes in the second round in the form of Nick Foles.

17. Chad Henne (MIA) – After a mediocre second season, Henne has come back in an unimaginable way. Despite the Dolphins’ winless record, Henne has shown to be one of the bright spots on this poor team. He is leading the team on drives, but fails to convert in the red zone, and he will not be successful until he solves this issue. For the future, it is certain that HC Sparano will soon be fired, and the new coach will want his own qb. I think the fins pick up Ryan Tannehill in the third. Tannehill is extremely accurate and rarely throws picks. They will develop Tannehill as insurance if Henne does not improve.

18. Cam Newton (CAR) – This selection may be a bit controversial, as Newton’s body of work is not very large, but from what I have seen, Newton will be an amazing QB. He has already broken the record for the best rookie start ever for a qb, and will continue to improve.

19. Mark Sanchez (NYJ) – As much as I hate him, I am forcing myself to give an unbiased opinion of him. The Jets have led him to a lot of success, and he is now stepping into his role as the leader of the offense. Despite his talent, he has been led mostly by luck and those more skilled than him. Due to this unbelievable luck, Sanchez is often overrated. I believe him to be a master game manager, but can not see him as a game changer.

20. Colt McCoy (CLE) – Colt looks to be the real McCoy (corny, I know). Despite being vertically challenged, Colt is leading the Browns back out of insignificance. He might not be the next Bernie Kosar, but his accuracy allows him to make the tightest throws and he rarely makes game-losing mistakes.

21. Kevin Kolb (ARI) – I understand many may want Kolb ranked higher, and he very well might be at this point. But, for now, he is a decent qb who can get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. The Cards gave up way to much for him, but at least they have some stability at the qb position.

22. Rex Grossman (WSH) – Grossman is surprising many with decent play for the Redskins, but this is a position they need to address. They might be able to get away with starting Grossman for now, but it won’t work in the long run. The skins pick up Ryan Lindley in the late first and let him develop behind Grossman for a year before he inherits the team.

23. Matt Hasselbeck (TEN) – Hasselbeck has played much better than expected for the Titans, showing that he still has some fuel left in the tank. He provides a top notch stopgap qb for Jake Locker to develop behind. By next year, Locker will be leading this team with Hasselbeck’s mentorship.

24. Jason Campbell (OAK) – Campbell is one of the most invisible qbs in the league. He is riding McFadden for now, but is showing why he will never be a top qb. I think Al Davis is senile enough to believe he can develop Terrelle Pryor into a starting qb, and Campbell provides stability until Pryor is ready.

25. Kyle Orton (DEN) – Orton, after being a hot commodity in the trade market, decided to stay in Denver, and is not showing much at this point. The fans want Tebow, ESPN wants Tebow, heck,. I even want Tebow as their starter. Tebow will soon take over this team and provide a good qb foundation that they haven’t had since Elway.

26. Matt Cassel (KC) – After a pro bowl year last year, Cassel is showing why he can’t be a franchise qb. Now that Jamaal Charles is gone, the Chiefs have no hope for this season. I think they may scrap up a few wins and end up picking in the 5-10 range. After a weak showing by Cassel, the Chiefs decide to follow the Jaguar’s example and end up drafting Matt Barkley in the first. Barkley develops while Cassel gets another chance.

27. Andy Dalton (CIN) – Dalton is showing how he may be the perfect replacement for Palmer in Cincinnati. He is a leader on this team and is keeping them alive. He may develop into a very successful qb.

28. Blaine Gabbert (JAG) – It is difficult to gauge him after one game, but Gabbert may end up the Jaguars’ solution at qb. At least he is better than Luke McCown.

29. Alex Smith (SF) – He has been serviceable for the 49er’s so far, but it is only a matter of time before the Kaepernick era begins in the bay. Smith is a decent backup, but will never be a successful qb. As of now, Kaepernick is the future in SF.

30. Donovan McNabb (MIN) – So, any bets on when he is benched for Christian Ponder? I say two more weeks. McNabb is playing very poorly, and it is only a matter of time until Ponder starts.

31. Kerry Collins (IND) – While Collins has not been the main reason the Colts are playing poorly, he is not the solution either. At least they can look forward to Peyton’s return. I see the Colts going 5-11 and drafting Landry Jones. Jones will develop behind Manning, and will take the reins when Manning retires.

32. Tarvaris Jackson (SEA) – Last but definitely least, we have T. Jackson. Jackson is a backup playing as a starter. Actually, I believe there are many backups around the NFL that are better than him. The Seahawks will end up with the first pick, and will get Andrew Luck as their starter.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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