Why Didn't We Win?

I want us all to ask that question right now.  Just stop and ask Why Can't We win?  Now whatever comes to your mind post it in the comments.  I would ask that we stick to these last two games and not from the last few years.  I am worried about now, not the past.  So here is my take.

TE's.  That comes to my minds.  David and Smith were all over their respected receivers so what does Tom do?  He hit the wide open TE's in the middle, and they sure were open all night wouldn't you agree?  Sapp got fired because of it.  Its disappointing.  We need better coverage on these TE's or all teams will wipe us and we will have to win a shootout.  But another aspect of our defense is bothering me that no one else has brought up.(at least from what I have read.)  Where is our pass rush?  I got so use to seeing pressure on the QB last year but this year I haven't seen to much.  We have an aggressive d-line but they don't seem to be getting any pressure and why I don't know.  We also aren't stopping the run very well.  Teams have been able to run on us two weeks in a row, and we still haven't gotten a turnover yet which hurts because those can be game changers.

 Now I am not a coach or an "Expert" in any sense but I do believe in lighting a fire under our players asses.  Lets take them out on practice and do everything we can to get them hyped up then on game day let them know, whether on our field or the opponents that we are going to take this game from them in every aspect and destroy them.  All these teams think we can't beat them so lets show them who we are.

Now the offense.  I believe Henne is developing nicely in this system.  He is making reads, taking the hits to throw the ball, and by some miracle has decided to use his legs when he has too.  His deep ball is getting more accurate now to.  Even with this bad(I wont use horrible because its not horrible,just bad) line he is making throws and getting done.  Hartline looks like he is having a slow start this year and Bess will get better as the season goes on and we all know that.  Marshall is just a straight BEAST on the field.  I know he will get his shit together too.  

I want to take a moment and give my opinion on Daniel Thomas.  If anyone read my last post about Why I am So Sick Of These Kids, I want to make sure you the readers didn't come away with the wrong idea.  Yes Daniel did fumble the ball and IMO it took away the momentum we had going.  BUT he is a rookie and it is expected and I will say that the fumble was not because he was handling the ball wrong but the defender made a great tackle with his head right into the ball.  But Thomas looked great this game.  The O-Line as I said was pretty bad but I liked how he would make one cut then have that huge burst of speed.  I was waiting for him to brake a 25 yard run or more. 

So against cleveland here is what I would like to see in no particular order-

I want to see more of Thomas and Bush being utilized in a way that caters to each player

I want our defense having constant pressure on Mccoy and not allowing more than 3 yards a run

I want Chad to keep doing what he has been doing, 

If we get in the redzone say 5 times, i want a TD percentage of %80, and no missed chip shots from D$.

Thats it for now folks and thats off the top of my head.  Leave responses in the comments as I can't wait to read them and lets hope the Phins bring it all together.  GO PHINS!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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