Why I'm so excited for the '11 Dolphin adventure & DCC update.

I'm always optimistic, and this year is no different. I thought last year was stifled by bad play calling, O-line woes, and one huge "bad break",....among other things ( dropped interceptions stands out for me ). We shoulda, coulda, woulda won some more games,......."IF". That's all ancient history now. 

Now, both sides of the ball have been upgrade, a more aggressive playbook, a new RB with a chip on his shoulder, a returning Dolphin great with a point to prove. And ( haven't heard much talk about it here ) Bryan Cox as a asst coach ! Dude was a bad-ass player with attitude. Our younger fans should search out the photo of him leaving the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium with both barrels blazing. Is it right ? No. Do I love it ? Yes ! Mark my words, our defense is going to be scary this year. And watch our points per game average smash last years number. I got a really good feeling. 

Now for me personally, it's shaping up to be like a perfect storm of Dolphiness. 

I start the season here in Toledo getting to watch the 1st two game with 50+ other Dol-Fans from the area. No native Floridans  in the club that I'm aware of, but all diehard fans. Each week Members are given a ticket for the 3 or 4 door prizes that they give away at the half. Also a 50/50 raffle is done each week to fund their year end party where the food and drink are free. This party includes the motherload of Dolphin swag from trinkets to signed jerseys. It is impressive,....and a good time !

Week #3, Cleveland ! I'm making a long weekend out of it by getting there Friday early evening. 70 other Dol-Fans from numerous other states are gathering for a party Saturday night, epic tailgating, followed by witnessing the Fins beat down the Clowns. Pay back is a bitch,.....and we owe them big time ! 

Now, here's where this adventure is going to be either perfect or near perfect. With any luck MNF in NY !!! It's a longshot, but not out of the question. 1st,...I need to get a new renter in my house here ( and, the ball is rolling ). 2nd,...I need to convince my Wifey on a side trip to NY before we head to Florida. At this point the seed has been planted, just not growing. Fear not,...I have my ways,....Only time will tell on that one. 

Florida by the Denver game or home game #3. There I return The Deep End, a place where you can never cheer hard enough for the Fins. A place some really great people. 6 homes games in The Deep End, 2 more than last year for me. 

But 2 weeks after the Denver game is DCC. I pleased to report that in less than 10 days I've raised a bunch of money and been logged 4 training rides. 30, 21, 27, & 41 miles, jogged 3.5 miles twice, and on the day of my 27 mile ride played out of my mind in my hockey league. How's a goal and 3 assists sound in 7-6 victory, with me assisting the on the game winner with 90 seconds left in the game. Yeah,...this whole Dolphin season has me all fired up right now. So, the training is going well and my only concern is if I can manage to hang with the "A" riders (18-20 MPH pace). I would have to say that is possible. 

I thought I might save the best for last. The fund raising goal is $1,500 for the 170 mile two day ride, but cut in half to $750 for 1st time/out-of-state riders. Well,'s $1,391 sound so far ? I am very pleased and also humbled by that number. However,.....I have a personal goal of 150 sponsors. As of now, I have 26. By no means have I blown my wade. The Toledo fan club, other friends, panhandling in Cleveland and home games prior to the ride will boost my number. But, I know there are more potential here as well. 7000+ members, please, if you can go to my rider page ( Griffin Van Nest ) @ and give to cancer research. $5 X 50 more people adds up to another $250 !! I would love nothing more than to bust to $2K mark, or beyond. But know this, if I don't raise a penny more, I will be proud of my accomplishment and ride like the wind. 

So here's to the start of another Dolphins season, it's going to be a good one. 



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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