New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins: Prediction Time

As is customary on the site, it's time to see what the "experts" think of this week's game:

Chris Mortensen - MIA Adam Schefter - NE Mike Golic - NE
Mark Schlereth - NE Peter King - NE Gregg Rosenthal - NE 
Mike Florio - NE Jason Cole - NE Michael Silver - NE
Pete Prisco - MIA AccuScore - NE Clark Judge - NE

Peter King's Take:

"I know teams change and times change in the NFL pretty fast. But here are the scores of the last four Patriots-Dolphins games in south Florida: Pats 49-28, Pats 48-28, Dophins 22-21, Pats 41-14. New England's averaged 39.8 points a game down south in the last four tries. I sense a pattern that Reggie Bush will not interrupt."

Gregg Rosenthal's Take:

"Florio ranked Miami low in the power rankings, but I think they'll finish with a winning record, for what it's worth. (Basically nothing.) Their young defense can be one of the best in the league and will give New England's offensive line fits in a low scoring game."

Mike Florio's Take:

"This is a no-lose situation for the Dolphins.  After losing seven of eight games at home in 2010 and with the Pats winning all but two when playing both at home and away, no one expects Miami to prevail.  That dynamic could make the Dolphins a little looser and relaxed.  But loose and relaxed likely won't be enough to overcome the talent gap."

Pete Prisco's Take:

"The Patriots blew out the Dolphins twice last season. That won't happen here. Miami's defense is better. Tom Brady kills teams with the short passing game, so it's tough to get pressure on him. That means cover corners are key. The Dolphins have them. Chad Henne will try to exploit a New England defense that is so-so on the back end and doesn't have great pass rushers. The new-look Dolphins offense will do that. Brandon Marshall has a big night. Upset special."

I'm not surprised that the majority took the Patriots.  I really think Miami could come out and surprise some people this week, though.  No one gives Miami any credit yet, so now it's time for them to go out and earn the respect.  They can start to do that with a strong showing against New England.

Mosul's Pick: New England 24 - Miami 27.

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