What is with giving Mosul a hard time?

I was just reading some comments on the home page, where as we all know, Mosul_Dolphan has taken over the day to day operations of our beloved site, The Phinsider. Some of the "fans" here are downright rude, and most of the comments are very non-deserving! I do not think he makes a dime to do this for us, and even if he makes any money, he has been working his butt off for all of us, so that we will be able to know what all is going on with our Dolphins!

Comments like - "Stick to Dolphins news ONLY!", "We really do not care about this" etc; Are really not the foundation of this site. Just in the HOF thread alone, makes me feel like this site is in for a rough season! I will be the first to admit that when I am in a bad mood about my loved team and what they are doing, I will vent. Sometimes taking it out on people that have stood by me as friends on this site that I call home, and I always say that I am sorry and usually if it is a stupid thread, I delete it. Mosul is the "New Regieme" of this site, if you will, and is working very hard to get us all prepared for the upcoming season!

If you can not even be civil in a thread about who was elected into the HOF, whats next, I ask? There are several things people are going to be mad about that I will explain in a moment, but jumping in Mosuls s*** for no reason is kind of "un-called for"! The HOF thread is an every year one that we have here! I for one am damn happy that I can go to The Phinsider, and read who was elected instead of watching ESPN, and it also helps "on the go" and several of us because we are military, former military, work jobs on the road, may not even have cable, etc;

There are a few issues that just keep piling up, that kind of makes me wish this were a paid site, where it was like $10 bucks a year or something. Here are some below;

  • Do you honestly think that Mosul can sign a free agent or make a trade? The man is providing us news, along with many more, that you can not find anywhere else, especially some of us.
  • We ALL want to WIN, and WIN NOW, but what can we honestly do about it? There is no need to snap, curse, or whatever else on our news provider because in all honesty, WTF can he do about it?
  • We are supposed to be here because we all share the love for the Dolphins, and some people because they are fans of a player, maybe went to the same school, etc; BUT if we have an opnion about a certain player and express it, and my thoughts are as fans, we should be able to, there is always someone to point out what is bad about the player, bring up stats, and just totally rip on someone for NO REASON!
  • The whole "Henne Saga" the last few seasons is about just way to hard to debate with most people in any friendly manner! I am not a "Henne Fan", but he is our QB and I am a Dolphin fan first! Do I like the last 10+ years of not really doing much? Hell No, and No Dolphin fan should, but it is a team sport, and there is nothing we can do but root for our team and players! There is nothing wrong with wanting another player, but this is not Madden, there is not a thing anyone of us can do about it.

Sadly, there are many, many other things, but honestly, the internet has opened my eyes to something that i've never been used to: Fair Weather Fans, Madden Experts, and many a*********. I always thought that Dolphin fans were the greatest in the NFL, and even though we have had losing seasons (not like we have never had them before) why keep talking s*** to other Dolphin Fans? We get practice updates, fantasy leagues, NFL news, all of the Miami Dolphin news, etc;

So, I suppose the main question, besides everyone fed up with losing (me included), Why do most threads end up like Philly fans? Whats next?  "Meet me in the parking lot & we will settle this!"??? Also, I know this thread wont make a difference, but I had to get it off my mind. Show some damn respect to authority on this site, once you piss off someone so many times, most of the news that WE want to read, will be on some other blog.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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