A Phinsider Look at Training Camp (Day 5)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a reposting of AlejandroN's original FanPost:]

The field was hot, the weather was dry, and the players were rested and ready to go. After a very embarrassing practice coming from the fans at Sun Life Stadium, it seemed as if the players, especially Henne, were ready to prove a point to Dolfans around the country, and they did just that. The offense played with the swagger and the energy that we all have been waiting for since the start of camp, and one player in particular rose from the rest which ended up in cheers from the 200+ fans in Davie, Florida. Let's take a look at how camp went on Aug, 3rd.


   The offense was placed on the 15 yard line against a 7 man defense, and wideouts were to only run slant routes and fades.


Chad HenneHenne went 5/7 on this drill with 3 TD’s. He pump faked and threw pin point passes to Julius Pruitt and Davone Bess. So far so good for Henne.

Tom Brandstater: TB didn’t see much playing time during this drill as he only threw two passes, both were completed, one resulting in a TD to Anthony Fasano.

Pat Devlin:On Monday night Devlin played like an undrafted free agent, but it looked like the resting day helped him out, but only slightly. During the drill, Devlin threw 2 TD’s but unfortunately he had 2 interceptions and 3 incomplete passes.

7 on 7:

   Last time up, Henne had problems with the 7 on 7 by constantly throwing check downs and int’s. Fortunately "Check down Chad" was not in attendance today.


Chad Henne: Henne started out the drill throwing a 20-yard strike to Brandon Marshall down the middle of the field, and later on threw a 15-yard TD to Davone Bess on a slant route. He did however throw a pick in double coverage and had two incomplete passes.

Tom Brandstater: Excelling in this drill before, Brandstater looked to continue on his success during camp. Unfortunately for TB, he completed one pass on a checkdown to Nic Grigsby and had 4 incomplete passes.

Pat Devlin: Devlin didn’t snap many balls during 7 on 7’s throwing only 3 passes, completing 2 of 3.


Brandon Marshall: Marshalll received a nice little 20-yard pass from Henne on a post-in. Fans applauded for about 25 seconds which was a great site to see.

Davone Bess: Davone continued his success during camp catching another TD from Henne on a slant route.

Julius Pruitt: Caught 1 pass during this drill coming from Pat Devlin.


Reshad Jones: Jones broke-up a sure TD to Davone Bess in the endzone along with a dropped pick.

Nate Ness: Also had a dropped pick. Punishment was 20 pushups on the hot grass.

11 on 11:

This was the most anticipating moment of the day. Fans looked to see if Henne could come back from a Monday night practice which had "fans" booing for minutes.


Chad Henne: I was scrolling down my twitter timeline and I noticed that Omar Kelly was not impressed with Henne during 11 on 11, I actually thought he greatly improved from previous practices. Henne went a solid 7/10 with two 30-yard+ passes, two 20-yard+ passes (one for a touchdown), and three 10-yard+ passes. No matter what O.K said, Henne improved on this drill and played better than his previous practices.

Tom Brandstater: T.B went 2/5 with a 40-yard bolt to Marlon Moore, which would have resulted in a TD.

Pat Devlin: Devlin had a good drill throwing 3/5 passes with one 10-yard pass and two 20-yard passes.


Roberto Wallace: After a very good Monday Night Scrimmage, Wallace was only thrown at once and it was dropped.

Brooks Foster: Very nice 20-yard catch from Pat Devlin.

Brandon Marshall: Thrown at once during the drill and it was dropped once more.

Marlon Moore: Had two good-yardage receptions. One was a 40-yard pass from Tom Brandstater and the other was a 15-yard zipper from Tom Brandstater.

Brian Hartline: Hartline managed to catch 4/4 passes thrown at him during this drill, and finished it off with a touchdown from Chad Henne. 


The fastest yet most entertaining drill of the day was the 2-minute drill, only Chad Henne and Tom Brandstater participated. Let’s see how they did.


Chad Henne: Henne’s first two plays were incompletions (crowd was irritated, but not for long.) He bounced back with a 15-yard pass to Brian Hartline, who tip toed out of bounds. Following play was an incompletion. Once again, Henne bounced back nicely with one 20-yard pass to Hartline followed by an 8-yard pass to Davone Bess who stepped out of bounds. The next play had the crowd in uproar. Henne soared the ball deep down the left sideline, it looked as if Vontae Davis was going to come up with the pick until Edmund Gates leaped in the air like a frog trying to catch a fly, mossed Davis, and ran it home for a 50 yard TD.

Tom Brandstater: T.B followed up Henne and looked to have the same result, unfortunately it was the opposite. Brandstater was sacked the first play by Jared Odrick,, followed by an incompletion and deflection. However, it seemed as if T.B wasn’t flustered and went for back-to-back 15-yard gainers. However, the last play resulted in an interception from Reshad Jones, which marked the end of a hot Wednesday practice.


Brian Hartline: Hartline had the greatest practice so far in training camp. He totaled 6 catches for 136 yards and 2 TD’s. Brian received quite a nice ovation from the fans as he walked from the field onto the sidelines for autographs.


Reshad Jones: Picked off Tom Brandstater on a deflection from Jimmy Wilson to finish practice.

O-Line: Did a very nice job of protecting the QB by giving him enough time to make accurate throws.

Edmund "Clyde" Gates: Play of the game goes to Gates for his miraculous leap to beat Vonate to the ball and for having enough balance to still run it into the end zone.

 P.S: Due to the fact that the players practiced on the farthest field from the stands, I was not able to get very detailed video, which is the reason why no video was posted today, and I apologize for that. But enjoy.

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