DIB's Football (Mis)Adventures Part I


Because I wasn't around all last season, I wasn't able to share pictures or stories from any of the games I went to. But fear no more because I figured I would post them now. Last season I went to my second annual Bills-Dolphins game at Ralph Wilson Stadium which happened to be the opening game of the season. Then flew down to Charlotte, NC to see the Panthers-Ravens game on my birthday, November 21st. Finally I attempted to see Brett Favre's last game ever in Detroit when the Vikings played the Lions for the last regular season game. So all in all, I considered last season a success when it came to my quest to see all 31 stadiums because I came up with the idea after the first Bills game and winged it from there. This season I already have tickets to the Bills-Dolphins game on December 18th and to the Colts-Falcons game on November 6th. If everything goes as planned, I will be making it to at least 3 more games at different stadiums. But enough of that, on to the pictures!



Note: I've decided to do this in two parts in order to spare you all from going through all the pictures at a time. This first post includes pictures from the Bills-Dolphins game I went to and random pictures from the Hall of Fame. The next post will include pictures from the Panthers-Ravens game and Lions-Vikings.

As many of you were, I was very excited to see Brandon Marshall in a Dolphins uniform for the first game.


We had seats in the Jim Kelly Club and although it was opening day, it was freezing! We had heated seats though so I guess I can't complain. We ended up sitting next to some pretty nice Bills fans and one of them even offered to buy me a beer but I politely declined. The Bills fans on the other side of me started arguing with me about how he claimed the Dolphins sucked but I remind him that 2 Super Bowl wins was greater than 0 and his only rebuttal was that because I wasn't born when they won those Super Bowls that means that it didn't count, I asked him if that meant that everything that happened before he was born didn't count and he stopped talking. Dolphins fans 1, Bills fans 0. Other than that, great experience in the Jim Kelly Club!



Yes, this was a sack. What a way to start the game!


This was the first and only game that I've been to where the team I was cheering for won.


The Hall of Fame was AWESOME! Highly recommend a trip to it for any of you who haven't been.


Had to avoid the Favre photos and put up some Marino shots for y'all. I did have a picture of his bust but forgot to upload it, sorry!


The end! Hope you enjoyed, Part II is coming soon.

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