I need YOUR help for the Dolphins Cycling Challenge !!!!

Cancer effects us all. I lost my Uncle to it, my Wife lost her Grandmother to it, and my Mom lost one of her very best friends to it. We,....lost Mad Dog to it. Jim was an Ohio born "Michigan Man" and beloved member of the '72 Dolphins, only going on to further greatness as the voice of the Dolphins. Yeah,....cancer is a bitch !


The Dolphins, and Mad Dog, have given me so much pleasure that I decided I would try to give back. Or, it forward, if you will. That's why I enter this years Dolphin Cycling Challenge (DCC). I bought my road bike last Spring while still in Fort Myers, and was riding 30-40 miles with no problem at all. The farthest I've ever rode is 55 miles, which took just over 3 hours. Recently, since being home I really haven't spending to much time in the saddle. 

There were 6 rides to choose from ranging from 30 miles to a two day 170 mile ride. The farther the ride the larger the donation commitment. Ask anyone who knows me,....I tend to be a little intense at times. So, I opted for the 170 mile ride. 

I've ponied up the $150 entrance fee, and need help to meet my fundraising goal. Originally, the Dolphins had it set at $1,500 for that ride. However, they cut it in half to $750 for out-of-state or 1st time riders. That breaks down to 75 people giving $10,......or 150 people giving $5. 

I basically have 5 options to raise funds :

A) Family & Friends

B&C ) online through The Phinsider & FB through The Phin Addicts and The Deep End

D) The Toledo Dolphin Fanclub 

E) and finally,....panhandling at the Cleveland game and home games prior to the ride. 

Because of my traveling job and small family I don't think that they will generate much ( I could be surprised though ). It's Dolphin fans I am pinning my hopes on. I plan to donate another $50 myself to the cause ( for a $200 total commitment ), and do the ride,.......which is going to be a long, long time in the saddle. Now, I know there are some whales out there ( as Vegas calls their big spenders). So if you are one of them, don't be shy,.....throw down !

Best believe the Dolphins know who I am, having been in the gameday program four times and as a member of The Deep End.  And I want nothing more to say " The Phinsider came through for me", as I am always representing this site. 

I'm not asking, I'm begging for your help !!! So, if you every got a kick out of my posts with pictures, if I every sent you any Dolphin swag, if we've swapped greetings at a game,.......PLEASE HELP !!!! If none of those apply to you, anyways. Cancer has effected us all in one way or another. 

To donate, simply go to RideDCC and search my name GRIFFIN VAN NEST. If one of you big brain types could put the link up here it would be greatly appreciated, I couldn't seem to manage it. 

Please "rec" the shit out of this post, and lets " tackle cancer one mile at a time". 




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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