Yahoo Pick'Ems Sign ups/Week 1

Ok guys this thing kicks off this Thursday with the Green Bay Vs Saints game so make sure you have at least that pick done 5 min before kickoff.


Here is the list of all those who have signed up so far:

-- Magus 0 0-0
-- NatNat 0 0-0
-- Chris 0 0-0
-- Va_FinFan 0 0-0
-- Zag 0 0-0
-- Blue-water riggen 0 0-0
-- Acolyteofra 0 0-0
-- ohiofinfan4life 0 0-0
-- PhinsAholic 0 0-0
-- MrMedic 0 0-0
-- 99 Punch Outs 0 0-0
-- dolphin71 0 0-0
-- CFR39 0 0-0
-- krandolph410 0 0-0
-- Stroupy 0 0-0
-- Pokemons 0 0-0
-- Brantner78 0 0-0
-- Aleta 0 0-0
-- rintintinsoldier 0 0-0
-- WakeTheBEAST 0 0-0
-- Testy Sweaticles 0 0-0
-- stroupy 0 0-0
-- Beast Alley 0 0-0
-- kozam9707 0 0-0
-- allaboutthe3o5 0 0-0
-- Edmund's Adders 0 0-0
-- Nonni25 0 0-0
-- heartherevenge 0 0-0
-- JenTrejo 0 0-0
-- Aenema 0 0-0


I will post a weekly update with everyone scores so far and as a reminder for the following week. Good luck everyone!


If you still want to join:

Group ID#: 3329
Group Password gophins
Confidence Points No
Spread No
Tiebreakers Yes
Start Week 1
Drop Scores No, use all weeks
Deadline 5 minutes before each game
Playoffs Yes


To sign up all you need is a Yahoo ID and go to this link and enter the Group ID and Password above.

There is an option that would allow me to edit your picks, since I've been running this group for the last 5 years I know sometimes you forget or just aren't available to edit your picks at the last minute. So if you want you can allow me (commish) to edit your picks by sending me an email/text/message with your picks or edits. Worst case scenario with your permission If you haven't competed your picks before the dead line (see above) I'll select all the favorites for the week based on Yahoo's projections.

Since it's always a small group of friend we've never really had an prizes but if we get a big enough group I might consider putting up some prizes. I know one year we gave out a small trophy to the 1st place winner. Anyways if you have any questions please let me know there are still two full weeks before the first game. Oh and just so everyone knows I've won 1st place twice and I'm always in the top 3, so bring it on!

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