53-Man Roster (What I would do)

Here's an article from the bleacher report projecting what the Dolphins will do after cuts for their 53 man roster.

Here's what I would do. I'm not trying to predict what the FO will do, just hoping that they do something close to what I think they should do...they obviously know better, but as an armchair fan I'd like to think I see things clearer...

I'm going with 7 CBs (including Will Allen for insurance late in the year) and using Jimmy Wilson as a backup safety...I think Rashad Jones needs to move to strong safety. I'm keeping Polite (better than Larry Johnson) and Grigsby (we need speed and flash). I like to think out-side-the-box, but sometimes that's too crazy or risky

Interested in your comments.

also included is a game by game prediction of how the schedule will turn out...I'm predicting 11-5 with two losses to the Pats.



LDE Langford 6-6 290, McDaniel 6-7 310

NT Soliai 6-4 345, Fields 6-2 314

RDE Starks 6-3 305, Odrick 6-5 304, Philip Merling 6-4 295

LOLB Misi 6-3 251, Alama-Francis 6-5 275

LILB Dansby 6-4 250, Mitchell 6-3 249

RILB Burnett 6-3 240, Edds 6-4 246

ROLB Wake 6-3 250, Taylor 6-6 250

LC Smith 6-3 214, Allen 5-10 195, Agnew 5-10 192

RC Davis 5-11 203, Sapp 5-9 190, Carroll 5-11 202

SS Bell 6-0 205, Jones 6-1 214

FS Clemons 6-1 210, Wilson 5-11 185


K Carpenter 6-2 225

P Fields 6-5 245

LS Denney 6-5 255


SE Marshall 6-4 235, Bess 5-10 190, Wallace 6-4 225

LT Long 6-7 317,

LG Incognito 6-3 324, Feinga 6-4 337

C Pouncey 6-5 303, Berger 6-5 311

RG Carey 6-5 340, Garner 6-7 325

RT Colombo 6-8 320, Murtha 6-7 315

TE Fasano 6-4 255, Epps 6-3 250

QB Henne 6-3 230, Matt Moore 6-3 202

RB Bush 5-11 203, Thomas 6-1 228, Grigsby 5-10 190

FB Polite 6-0 245, Hilliard 5-11 240, Clay 6-3 239

FL Hartline 6-2 186, Marlon Moore 6-0 190, Gates 5-11 197

 Season Prediction: 11-5

L MON New England

W Houston

W @Cleveland

L @San Diego



W Denver

L @NYGiants (Giants have a bye)


W Washington

W Buffalo

W @Dallas (Thanksgiving)

W Oakland

L Philadelphia

W @Buffalo

L SAT @New England


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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