Ferrari Offense

I made a Fanpost "In the air tonight" a couple weeks ago about how excited i was about this team and especially the offense and it's possibilitties. We have so many weapons, its rediculous, but we need to be patient because its like someone who's never driven "stick" before all of the sudden getting the keys to a Ferrari. The coaches need to test drive this machine and get a feel for it. Henne has looked dramatically improved in just a couple weeks practicing with these guys, i had to pinch myself, he was soo poised and in command. Our offense has a chance to be unstoppable, and no im not exagerrating. Of course i love the irony that were in the same division as a team with a lamborghini offense (smh). Opening night is going to be like Marino vs. Bledsoe in 1994.

Reggie Bush: I was waiting for a particular formation from Dr. Daboll and sure enough midway in the 1st qtr, he ran it. I-formation, then put reggie bush in motion to the slot and the panthers strong side LB followed (man on man with a LB) CHECKMATE! Sure enough Bush ran over the middle for a huge play. Guys, get used to this all yr! If the defense tries to switch to nickel package, Thats exactly what Bush wants to run in, so either way he's a NIGHTMARE!

The threat of Clyde "The Glyde" Gates Deep is opening everything up underneath, esp. for Fasano and Bess. Henne will get a better feel for Gates' speed and put more air under it dont worry.

Singleback Shotgun Formation -(Just a sample of what were going to field)

Brandon Marshall

: absolute BEAST!, physical demands extra attention, alpha WR

Cyde Gates: HAVE to keep a safety deep, PURE SPEED!

Davone Bess

: Best slot WR in the GAME!

Brian Hartline

: White Lightning! very good, very solid WR, like him alot!

Anthony Fasano

: Sure Hands, good route runner, good in finding open space in zones

Reggie Bush: do i really need to say anything here? can take it to the house at any moment.

Jake Long

: BEST LT in the GAME!

Mike Pouncey

: fantastic center! lovin this guy

Imagine, this is what defenses and their coaches are going to have to deal with this yr!, and on a play by play basis! How do u even know where to start to defend this offense? and then on top of all this, Henne is blossoming?! R U KIDDING ME! We have an UNBELIEVABLE offense, we just need to have patience and sit back and watch this thing blossom. And i didnt even mention the Defense which will be top 3 ( They could be top 10 if they slept walked through the season!). What a difference Kevin Burnett makes, along with dansby, these guys can play all 3 downs. It is good being a Dolphins fan right now guys. Just make sure to enjoy the ride this year all the way to the super bowl! (Yes I said it)...........................................

Our offense before Daboll: Pacer_medium


Our Offense with Henning:Ugly_car_medium

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Our offense Now!: B533f_car_ferrari-f430-spider-high-school-musical-266288_1280_960_medium


Random internet pic of the day: Funny-family-bumper-sticker_medium


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